RC McBride proves what’s wrong with Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin

He’s running again!  At least on the WGLT website they noted RC is also the General Manager of the local National Public Radio station.


So RC gets paid with taxpayer dollars and then he spends tax dollars serving on the Normal Town Council.  He gets to MAKE news as a Trustee and then chose how to REPORT it on the radio.

Putin would be proud!

RC McBride does not live in the real world.  His focus is government paying his salary and your tax dollars providing play money for him and his council buddies.  RC thinks government solves problems, in reality government creates them.  The Town released their financial statements, but not the TIF reports.  Last year Normal “investment” in the community lost money.  The article states RC wants Normal to keep investing.

PDF page 3:   ftp://ftp.illinoiscomptroller.com/LocGovTIF/FY2017/06409531/17TIF06409531Downtown_volpment_1.pdf

Expenses for Uptown were $2,966 higher than revenue.

Sick of government “investing”?  Below is the debt as of 3/31/18 – $89,823,286.  Also note the Town spent more than they took in:


Normal’s data is now available on the Comptroller’s website.  TIF reports will be there eventually.

You can see Normal’s pension problems for yourself.  The format is easy to read, look around.

Town of Normal data – Comptroller

Every citizen in Normal is $1,655 in debt because of RC McBride and his cronies.  Family of 4?  You are $6,630 in debt.

Of course that number doesn’t include unfunded and future liabilities.

If RC is re-elected your taxes will continue to go up.

In McBride’s world, government knows how to spend money better than you do.

Since most people in Normal don’t vote, your future looks bleak.  Maybe you should start working on that.  You have until April to inform voters and get them to the polls.




6 thoughts on “RC McBride proves what’s wrong with Normal

  1. Friend in Normal got her property assessment reduced >$17,000 on a 4 year old house. She hopes her taxes won’t be more than last year (of course she’s expecting increases)!

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  2. Silly, Diane… Koos told us that the economy is great. It’s just the Baby Boomers retiring. What numbers? Hahaha! Someone needs to tell RC that an investment is the deploying of capital with the expectation of a return. (Good thing he’s not an investment advisor.) Uptown is a demonstrable failure. If it were successful, the town would have reduced taxes or at least held the line. Yet taxes have gone up every single year for more than a decade and the debt continues to pile up. Will local government workers get their pensions? With what money? They should ask Koos, McBride, and the elites at GLT. The so-called 1% are moving out of town, so they’ll need another source of funds to rob.


      1. Right, Uptown 2.0. That’s the project that just so happens to include the area in and around a certain local bike shop.


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