Illinois is #1

By:  Diane Benjamin

WalletHub published a study of State taxation in March.  WallettHub is Tari Renner’s favorite study to quote since in the past they have rated Bloomington as a great place to live.  Those days should be over.

Including the District of Columbia, Illinois ranks #1 with highest tax burden!

“Taxpayers in the most tax-expensive states, for instance, pay three times more than those in the cheapest states.”

Don’t let your uniformed friends say things like “that state may have a lower property taxes, but they make up for it with other taxes”.  It isn’t true!

Guess what else they found?


I bet Red States never utter the words “Quality of Life”.

Red States know stealing your money makes your life worse.  Blue States think they need to run your life, therefore they are entitled to your money.

Enter the Progressive Income Tax Pritzker wants.  You will be paying more to a failed state incapable of fiscal responsibility.  It is the definition of stupidity to think more money will fix Illinois’s problems and even dumber to think the Democrats aren’t coming after your money.  If voters approve it, Springfield can change the brackets at will!

Maybe Pritzker should read the facts:  The rich leave

Bloomington more than contributes to Illinois’s high tax rates.  Citizens now get less garbage service and pay more, May 1st it goes up again because the City Council doesn’t want to vote on raising rates any more.

Remember when the City bought new garbage trucks and cans supposedly to save money?  Next they cut big item pickups to twice a year – to save money.  In February 2018 the Council passed a garbage plan that raises rates every year whether the “fund” needs the money or not:

May 1st your Water bill is going up $1.05 for leak protection insurance, you can opt out of this one.  The City gets a “cut” to administer the program.

May 1st your Motor Fuel tax is going up another .04.  The taxes you already pay can’t possibly fix the streets when streets aren’t a priority in the budget.

Attacking the poor is how the city operates!  I can’t wait for Tari’s new progressive socialists to demand a City Income Tax on the rich!

Finally, the BCPA/Creativity Center announced it’s 3,245th fundraising campaign that will still not raise enough money to rehab the old non-ADA compliant building for the arts.  Eventually the City Council will be forced to fund this massive waste of taxpayer dollars that further infringes on capitalism.

Keep in mind you are already paying the salary and benefits of the fundraiser, but you aren’t allowed to know  the results of her work:

Living in Illinois means you are a target of the Springfield Democrats.  Living in Bloomington means you have already been hit and will be hit again and again.


Happy Tax Day

11 thoughts on “Illinois is #1

  1. You don’t even live in Bloomington but Ellsworth. Why don’t rant about that town? If you’re that unhappy with Illinois, move. If you’re so unhappy about paying taxes to the United States, move. I don’t think you’re going to find another country that doesn’t “steal your money”.


      1. From your donation page:
        Diane Benjamin
        27248 E 1100 North Rd
        Ellsworth, Il. 61737

        You’re lying, you live in Ellsworth! If you’re somehow not living there perhaps you should tell people to send their money elsewhere!


        1. I’m only posting this to show your stupidity. You live in the burbs where everybody is piled on top of each other, so you probably don’t even know people live in the country! Country people have to have some City address, mine just happens to be Ellsworth. I hope some day you find a purpose in life, right now you are making a fool of yourself.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. I pay higher taxes because of gutless people like you. While one doesn’t live in this town they still have to pay taxes for things when they buy them in Bloomington….guess why some stop shopping in Bloomington. When a business pays more in real estate taxes or any taxes guess where it gets passed to…. the buyer. So Castia why don’t you shut up and go back to your safe place in mommy’s basement while the adults stand up and fight for what is right. Unlike you we don’t believe money we earn is to be spent by Tari and company. Say hi to Margo for me Tari…


  2. @ HAVELA CASTIA – the people have a right for grievances according to the Constitution. If you disagree with that ideal you should move. It’s people like you that are bringing this country down. Now get out troll and don’t let the door hit you in your behind on the way out.


  3. It’s people like Havela that elected the MESS we now have in Springfield, common sense and a logical arguement is abhorred by folks like this. They’d rather make up “facts” and present THEIR view from some twisted stance, whatever it be!
    Illinois is about as business friendly as a gulag is to visitors..
    And it’s just going to get worse….


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