What is Normal paying tonight?

By:  Diane Benjamin


Lots of travel and food!  Note the funeral flowers – nice but not an expense government should be using your money for.

normal travelsntantb

Accountants take credit cards?  Most send an INVOICE!


Pension Spiking:


Was this event free?


More waste:


7 thoughts on “What is Normal paying tonight?

  1. $70 baggage fee each way? If that’s an overweight or oversized bag, the Town should only reimburse the cost for a regular one. Let’s all attempt to live within our means. Granted, that’s not very much combined, but we can start somewhere.

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  2. Chubberly Cummings–a $163.78 meal? Eating pretty “high on the hog” on the taxpayers dime! Some people have NO SHAME.


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