Local Democrat Hilarity

By:  Diane Benjamin

Posted on Facebook today by the McLean County Democrats:


If people got smaller refunds it is because they paid less in all year!  Please check the total federal taxes you paid in 2017 compared to the total you paid for 2018.

Question:  Why would anybody let the government use your money all year interest free?  Just to get a refund of your own money?

Next, Corporate Taxes:

We know democrats hate business, just look at how they make Illinois unattractive for new businesses.  Both Bloomington and Normal pick what businesses they want and use subsidies to land them.  Brilliant.  (right fit)

Democrats don’t understand corporations don’t pay taxes.  They price their products so they collect enough revenue to write checks to the IRS.  Therefore – CONSUMERS are paying the tax by paying higher prices for goods and services.

Employees of corporations pay taxes, the corporate tax rate should be zero.  The entire economy would be better off and a lot of accountants and lawyers would have to find new work.  Imagine all the money poured back into research and development, even raises for employees!

I hear there are lots of job openings since the unemployment rate is extremely low, thanks to the tax cuts.





9 thoughts on “Local Democrat Hilarity

  1. Wow! These idiots, I wish I could use a kinder word but there is none, are complaining about federal taxes? Do they not live in Illinois? Are they really in McLean County? Did Eric write this while sitting at his tax payer furnished computer in his tax payer funded job? Liars and criminals.

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  2. You can’t fix stupid. These are the same morons that support people like Renner. Too bad they are not smart enough to figure this out. Too bad it is also supported by Fake News stories saying the same.


  3. I REALLY doubt that corporate tax revenue fell by 31%…Unless some MAJOR ones took a one time tax break or such. I wonder WHICH corporations they are talking about? Boeing or Starbucks? I’m SURE if it was some liberal funding corporation they’d have some “other” fact that would be just as incorrect..


  4. Is that all they have? The strongest economy in memory that is the envy of the world – unemployment at record lows – employment among all ethnic and racial groups at record highs – wages are going up…. their fix is more corporate taxes? It’s not broken Democrats, so we certainly don’t need your fixes.

    Since Mayor Tari and the Democrats want to make Bloomington-Normal a sanctuary city, perhaps the McLean County Democrats can get 15 or 20 bus loads of illegal immigrants sent here? Our president wants to help sanctuary cities by sending them what they want… illegal aliens.

    While we are at it, why not get the reparations thing going here too? All the current Democratic presidential hopefuls are in favor of giving free money to anyone who had a slave as an ancestor. Makes me wish my genetic ancestors were not completely European!

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  5. I got burned from loss of salt deduction but thanks the the tax credit for two kids I came out about even. Tax credit got bumped to 2k per kid. Lol. Wish I had more now. For most people loss of salt deduction is a non issue with the standard deduction raised to 24k.


      1. It’s deductions for really high taxes and interest that used to be deductible, I think it’s now limited to $10,000. In other words, the entire country were subsidizing people with huge mortgages and states that tax their people to death.


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