Normal: Whining and Crying

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Normal Town Council meeting last night was over TWO hours long.  Not because there was heavy discussion of spending, it was tribute night for departing Jeff Fritzen and RC McBride.  The election is still stinging the establishment!  The are worried about “the plan” and should be.

The $100 a month lease for 305 S Linden got pulled before the meeting started.  Chris Koos only said “it needed work”.  Praise for the staff was sprinkled throughout the meeting, no mention was made of what “staff” compiled the lease.  Details in this story:

Maybe when the new members are seated the $120 a year lease Terri Ryburn got for 305 Pine after Normal paid off her mortgage can be revisited.

It is deals like these that defeated RC McBride, along with many of the other “accomplishments” of the Council during his tenure.  Long lists were read by Koos for both departing members.

Chris Koos must have been upset about this story:

The final plan for the hotel in north Normal was passed, Koos had to point out nobody is talking about subsidizing the project.  Chris:  that was the point of the story – to make sure nobody ever did.  Your game has been repeated over and over.  People still haven’t forgotten Portillos.

Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston voted against the new fire station amendments for the Hershey road location.  Obviously the Town had no desire to move the station even across the street.  The people affected are probably wondering what deal the developer worked out, history shows somebody always profits big at the expense of taxpayers and in this case the people who live in the subdivision.

Karyn Smith and Stan Nord both spoke at Public Comment.  Stan wants the staff to move back to Linden Street and sublet the expensive floor at 1 Uptown Circle.  He claimed government is permanent and shouldn’t be leasing any property.  It starts at 6:55.  Paul Harmon showed up for the two departing members and two residents spoke against the fire station.

If you want to hear the lengthy speeches and accolades for Fritzen and McBride, fast forward to 48:50.  Yes, there was whining about the election and a few tears.  Social media and “lies” were mentioned as well as partisan elections.  Fritzen was upset about a “watch party” held on election night.  The two new members didn’t have one, so that must have been a jab at the establishment candidates.

Jeff Fritzen wasn’t done with comments.  The meeting ended with his speech on legalizing marijuana in Illinois.  He claimed this would be the only reason for him to  leave Illinois.  He pointed to many studies and facts on what the results will be that nobody is looking at.  He claimed the state just wants money that will never materialize.

Just hit play to hear those comments, he doesn’t mention high taxes have been chasing people out of Illinois for years:




10 thoughts on “Normal: Whining and Crying

  1. I’m sorry but I just can’t stomach Jeff Fritzen and his sanctimonious rants. Thankfully he’s gone. According to the Pravdagraph, he’s upset by the last two elections in which “partisan politics” creeped into his precious Uptown and we dared to hold our local officials accountable for their fiduciary responsibilities. Fritzen is a poster child for what is wrong with the state of Illinois, most notably the Republican party that chooses to stand for absolutely nothing and by default leans in a very leftward direction by getting too cozy with your colleagues. The end result is a group think mentality that doesn’t end well for any of us.

  2. Get a mop and a bucket… It’s all your fault, Diane and those horrible people on social media… LOL!

      1. Yes…. What he (they) are really objecting to is our ability to call them out and speak the truth. Shining a light of transparency on people and deeds who want to operate in the dark and in any way they want is what they really dislike. You can see it even on the national stage. Democratic liberals hate how our president leverages Twitter to speak his mind directly to the people. It’s a new world Mayor Koos and we are not going away. Your reign of BS and liberal tax and spend policies is coming to an end.

  3. While I haven’t always agreed with Fritzen, I definitely appreciated his dig at the incumbents and their watch parties. Got a good laugh out of that one. You could tell R.C. was butt-hurt about losing. He was salty. I’m sure he wanted to say worse then what he actually said, but it was sure fun to watch.

  4. RC isn’t going anywhere. People actually listen to the state sponsored radio station he is in charge of. RC runs the CNN/NBC News of BloNo. Imagine the power of controlling the narrative for one of BloNo’s largest employers that hires professors to brainwash (not teach) young adults. He lost a battle, but he’s still going to fight the war with false one sided narratives. Thankfully there is Diane.

    1. He is our Joseph Goebbels: The Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany. From now on I will refer to him as RC Goebbels (This will of course make him puff up like an old bullfrog to be compared to the King of Propaganda). Here is a link to Joseph Goebbels’ Principals of Propaganda – RC Goebbels’ bible:

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