Normal tonight

By: Diane Benjamin Town of Normal doesn’t think they have to un-pass the resolution the council passed on 1/4/2022: Resolution Authorizing Participation with National Fitness Campaign for Installation of a Fitness Court Just because the “grant” was rescinded doesn’t mean NFC is dead. The resolution needs rescinded. If it isn’t rescinded the issue isn’t dead. […]

Normal isn’t listening

By:  Diane Benjamin On November 5, 2018 the Town of Normal bought property at the corner of Hershey and Sheppard for a fire station.  Remember, the residents in the area didn’t want it located there – the Town ignored their petition. The purchase price was $450,000 for 1.69 acres (according to GIS): Monday night […]

Because Bloomington and Normal can’t work together . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal wants to build a far east fire station.  Remember when the citizens just wanted it moved across the street?  Of course Normal didn’t listen. Bloomington wants a far north-east side fire station.  Most people don’t know where Bloomington stops and Normal begins, but the two cities aren’t capable of working […]

Did Chris Koos Lie? Part 2

By:  Diane Benjamin See Part 1: The second issue in Koos’ letter pertained to fire stations. Stan Nord had been looking at why Bloomington and Normal couldn’t have a joint east side fire station since both want one: Pam Reece’s reply: See the document here:  Fire Department Study The real question should have been:  Why […]

Normal: Whining and Crying

By:  Diane Benjamin The Normal Town Council meeting last night was over TWO hours long.  Not because there was heavy discussion of spending, it was tribute night for departing Jeff Fritzen and RC McBride.  The election is still stinging the establishment!  The are worried about “the plan” and should be. The $100 a month lease […]

Normal citizens don’t fit the PLAN

By:  Diane Benjamin Some angry citizens of Normal appeared at Public Comment asking the Trustees to at least investigate moving the proposed fire station to a different corner.  Staff had spent too much time to backtrack, they voted to proceed with “the plan” as presented anyway.  Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston voted against it.  One […]