Because Bloomington and Normal can’t work together . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal wants to build a far east fire station.  Remember when the citizens just wanted it moved across the street?  Of course Normal didn’t listen.

Bloomington wants a far north-east side fire station.  Most people don’t know where Bloomington stops and Normal begins, but the two cities aren’t capable of working together on a common goal.  Taxpayers could end up paying for two fire stations a mile or two apart!

Bloomington has a south west fire station that has never been used.  Nobody ever apologized to the taxpayers fleeced to build it.

Would it be hard to work together?

Of course it would.

Has any of the nefarious building plans by both cities ever been easy?

The truth is leadership doesn’t want to work together!

They have you paying the bills.  It is also why Koos freaked out that Stan Nord dared to even talk to officials in Bloomington.

The fiefdom is at risk if word gets out of possible common sense spending for a change.

Nothing changes until citizens are fed up!

Are you?




4 thoughts on “Because Bloomington and Normal can’t work together . . .

  1. There’s no such thing as common sense in government. Add to which, Koos and Renner have huge egos and likely have made different promises to different people and/or groups.

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