Bloomington meets again Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday night the Council is holding a Special Session with secret meeting (Executive Session), a Work Session, and the Council meeting.

Theme for the work session:

Ever program must pay for itself (except the Coliseum)

No, the Coliseum isn’t on the agenda.  They can lose as much money as they want and nobody makes a peep.

Meanwhile, those lease holders at Lake Bloomington aren’t paying for City services.  Their septic systems aren’t good enough.  Evidently the County gets the property tax money and don’t share.  Got a For Sale sign up yet?  The Work Session is just discussion, the regular Council Meeting has some action listed.  Wait for the presentations at both meetings, the packet isn’t telling the whole story.

The downtown bar owners aren’t paying for the police who have to handle their drunks.

Hire-back will be discussed at the Work Session starting at 5:15.  No action will be taken.   Downtown hire-back has been talked about for years, it joins the ranks of solid waste at the top of “Let’s talk it to death, maybe do something, then realize we didn’t do enough, let’s talk some more”.

Next, a Regular Council meeting at 7:00.

The Library is presenting their annual report.  Visitors may be down, but programs are up (mostly).  Give people free stuff and they take it!  Somehow they don’t equate taxes going up with their free stuff.  Expansion is needed for more programs, government must entertain!

Go to this link:

Adobe PDF Document 12/21/2015 City Council Regular Meeting Packet

Page 18.  The City has changed how they post documents.  Maybe it saves them hard drive space, maybe it makes it harder to link to information.  Another mystery.  Anyway, once you click on the link a PDF will open.

Remember how health insurance was supposed to be cheaper under Obamacare?  Not so much.  On the agenda for Monday:


Nobody will mention those increasing costs since it’s on the consent agenda.  Bury and pass!

Still on the Consent Agenda:

oilIf you know anyone in the area, they should know.


2 thoughts on “Bloomington meets again Monday

  1. The recommendation for the hire back program is now coming from a “new” group called the “community task force” as opposed to the original, exclusive “Budget Task Force? All of a sudden these budget suggestions are coming from all the citizens? (see the front page of today’s Pantagraph.) I’m getting dizzy from the constant spin!

  2. Surprise, that Freedom station has ALWAYS been a pain in the pygidium! As for the groundwater in the area, I’m SURE that you could just walk up into the creek there and drink the water -it’s SO CLEAN! At least the city OUGHT to be able to handle THIS one mess, as they seem pretty well adapted at BURYING stuff! Wonder how many other sites they have on their “to do” list?? Probably as many as they have consultants, studies, surveys, committees, etc. All they need is a bongo drum salesman.

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