UPDATE: Ian Bayne and ME!

In case you missed the show – here’s part:


Tuesday morning I will be on the radio with Ian Bayne

7:00 – 8:00 am

98.3 FM

Or listen on your computer:  http://983talk.com/

Diane Benjamin





3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Ian Bayne and ME!

  1. You were great Diane! I had listened to Bayne when he was here in town but only once. This morning I turned him on about 6:15 to be sure I could hear you. Well, it was very difficult to listen to him for that long. I have a new name for him â Inane Ian Bayne. He doesn’t seem to be able to put a cogent thought into a sentence. Every utterance takes 5 or 6 wild turns and then comes to an end with no point having been made. But you were able to make some good points. I appreciate your diligence in taking every opportunity to keep us informed. Carol

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