More “Not The Right Fit”

By:  Diane Benjamin

Back on February 26 approval of a Final Plat for a Circle K at the corner of GE Road and Hershey was sent back to the Planning Commission.  Alderman Painter didn’t want it in her Ward.

This property has been a field for campaign signs for as long as I can remember:

Joni gets her “problem” solved tonight.

The Planning Commission had approved the project, Joni just didn’t like it.  Remember, she already got the speed changed to a ridiculous 30 miles per hour.

Circle K wanted to sell package liquor.

see PDF page 592:

The page says “Council Initiative” meaning Joni must have convinced 4 other alderman to join her getting a change to the Liquor Code on the agenda.

Since a day care center is located south of this property, make it illegal to sell liquor within 100 feet of the property line.  If any business already has a license within 100 feet, they can keep their license.

The documentation say two people testified before the Liquor Commission, it doesn’t say what position they took – minutes of the April 10th meeting aren’t available.  It does say the Liquor Commission voted unanimously to approve the changes.

Sorry Circle K, you are the latest victim of “Not The Right Fit”.

The non-compliant boat docks are back:

See PDF page 596

Even though some of the docks have been on Lake Bloomington for decades, the City wants to:

The people living at Lake Bloomington can’t vote in local elections.  No votes will be lost because Bloomington decides to drop the full force and power of government on their heads.

The dock owners must COMPLY or be dragged into Administrative Court.

The owners of 18 non-compliant docks aren’t the “Right Fit” either.

Lately the “Right Fit” seems to be low-income housing.  Maybe the Council does see what’s coming.



18 thoughts on “More “Not The Right Fit”

  1. That and bicycle lanes. I hear on the local “Liberal radio” that the council is going to vote this eve on the Fairway median-bike lane mess! WHY does a median have to be put there? seems money would be BETTER spent on FIXING streets rather then building bike lanes, medians and such nonsense! Maybe Johnee & friends are as dumb as ?


    1. It’s in the “bicycle master plan” voted on by the Council. Newly resurfaced arterial/collector streets will have bike lanes once the street is fixed. The goal is to get the award for “bike friendly city” and to control traffic speed.


  2. As per the Circle K project: Where will the huge amount of run-off water go after big rains if they build on this property? That intersection and the entire field is under water when there is heavy rain and flooding. Has the city addressed this issue?


  3. Please excuse me if this question has already been asked, but does Ms. Painter have a financial interest in any convenience store/gas station that the Circle K would be competing against? Or maybe a campaign contributor that has a business that would be competing with this new store?

    That being said, this particular lot is close to a couple of wealthier subdivision so I could also see it being a case of NIMBY.


    1. It is also about prohibition. Video gaming is not the right type of quality of life entertainment wanted in the City.


  4. Regarding the dock issue at Lake Bloomington, they want to remove 18 docks but yet the city of Bloomington just added 6 new docks last Fall by the boat ramp. Double standard??


  5. It will be interesting to see what gets brought up because the Freedom on the corner of Linden and Emerson is directly across the street from a daycare facility. Or, is she going to try to make it non-retroactive? I wonder how many other gas stations (or just packaged liquor sellers) are in close proximity. That seems like a positive location for the area that would bring in some much-needed tax revenue as well.


    1. The Circle K will not bring in new tax revenue if patrons stop frequenting the existing gas station/liquor stores.

      It’s really about the Video gaming. Establishments are required to have a liquor license to install video gaming machines. This is all thinly vailed action to reduce the “disgusting habit of gambling that takes millions out of the local economy.” (according to the Council members)


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