You will never know the truth

By:  Diane Benjamin

According to this Pantagraph story, the charges in the Coliseum case have been dropped against one of the 5 defendants and three others are in negotiations for a plea deal:

Can anybody guess why comments aren’t allowed to this story?

The LAST thing any level of government in McLean County wants is to prove the incompetence of government.

Will you ever see David Hales asked why he failed to do his job overseeing the taxpayer owned Coliseum?

Will Mayor Renner and the Council, who ignored warnings, ever be asked the same question?

Will taxpayers ever see any of their money back?

I’m thinking the chances of any of the above aren’t looking good.




7 thoughts on “You will never know the truth

  1. What can we do? Is there any action, we as citizens can take to make sure those in leadership are held accountable? I know voting is key, but can we do anything now so that those who failed have consequences and can be used as an example for those who might think about doing something similar in the future?


      1. The best way to make the right things happen is for the story to be picked up by a large paper or national news organization. Only by shining a spotlight on this theft-with-city complicity can we hope that pressure will be brought to bear on the legal system to do the right thing. Now if someone in the audience here would reach out to any and all large media outlets, there is a chance you could find someone interested in covering this crime.

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