Corn Belt Customers: Say NO!

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you are a Corn Belt Electric customer, don’t ignore the April 2015 issue of Country Living magazine.  Turn to page 6 or see this link:

Illinois Rural Electric Cooperative upgrading to new generation of smart meter

Call, email, or write to them – Tell them you do not agree to replacing your meter!  Corn Belt already has the ability to read usage remotely.  Any further upgrades are dangerous on multiple levels.

Why?  Start reading.

Not enough?  Google them, thousands of articles against smart meters will appear.

The same information applies to Ameren, I have no information on whether they are replacing meters.




6 thoughts on “Corn Belt Customers: Say NO!

  1. Hey Diane,
    I just called Corn Belt Energy and the representative said they already use smart meters. and there are no plans to change them (as far as she knew). She said they can push a button and read the meter from the home office.

  2. Your laptop or iPad exposes you to more EMF than these meters would, which operate at the same frequency as cordless phones. Don’t fall prey to new age hippie fearmongering!

      1. Your first two links are breathlessly harping on junk science about the dangers of EMF. If you have a point to be made, you’ve undermined them with your sources.

        Besides, I’m all for businesses increasing efficiency. If the power company can save me money by not paying someone to come out into my yard (and peek in my windows), all the better.

        1. Corn Belt already has that. The newer meters can be hacked easily. The rates charged for electricity can vary depending on when electricity is used. If you like doing wash at 2:00 am go for it! How about the fire hazards?

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