This is your Coliseum moment Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin

After the Bloomington City Council voted for the Coliseum – every member who voted YES left the Council.

If citizens had elected like-minded people you wouldn’t be saddled with the Coliseum today!

Failure to vote in local elections put aldermen on the Council who didn’t represent you!

It’s happening again:

Tari Renner wants a downtown hotel.

Tari Renner wants to expand the library.

Tari Renner wants the YMCA to stay downtown.

Tari Renner wants to develop the Sugar Creek packing property.

Tari Renner wants to spend $8.5 million on downtown lighting and benches.

Tari Renner thinks people will flock to the Route 66 Visitors Bureau.

Tari Renner has a Master Plan for everything and wants to implement them.

Your taxes have already been raised.  He will raise them again!

Right now he has 7 people on the Council who will vote YES on everything.

Failure to vote today will make it 8!

If you are in ward 4, 5 or 8 Vote today.

Ward 4 – Jeremy Kelley

Ward 5 – Lupe Diaz

Ward 8 – Alton Franklin

If you aren’t in one of these Wards, your friends who do will decide your future – especially if they Don’t Vote.

Call them!

The future starts today, if you like higher taxes keep believing local elections don’t matter.

Only you can stop Renner.






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