We know what Sage is up to

By:  Diane Benjamin At last Monday’s Bloomington City Council meeting, David Sage was adamant that an agenda item signed by 6 Council members be on this Monday’s Committee of the Whole agenda.  Tari Renner attempted to stall, but it is on the agenda:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=15300   Instead of bringing it up Monday, it has played out in […]

This is your Coliseum moment Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin After the Bloomington City Council voted for the Coliseum – every member who voted YES left the Council. If citizens had elected like-minded people you wouldn’t be saddled with the Coliseum today! Failure to vote in local elections put aldermen on the Council who didn’t represent you! It’s happening again: Tari Renner […]

Tomorrow: Move or Vote

By:  Diane Benjamin Only 3 of the 5 alderman seats up for election in Bloomington tomorrow are contested.  The Ward 4, 5, and 8 races couldn’t be more clear: If you think Bloomington is headed in right direction – throwing more money away downtown, then vote for Renner’s candidates: Ward 4:  Buragas Ward 5:  Painter […]

WJBC interviews candidates

By:  Diane Benjamin WJBC interviewed some of the candidates for Bloomington City Council.  Listen to interviews with Joni Painter, Amelia Buragas, and Diane Hauman http://www.stationcaster.com/player_skinned.php?s=711&c=3781&f=4198913 All were interviewed by different people, the same interviewer would have been nice. Supposedly WJBC will get to the other candidates eventually. There is plenty more material – but here […]

Non-Partisan? They shouldn’t be

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s way past time to quit calling local elections non-partisan when the candidates bring their ideology to their elected office.  Voters deserve to know what the candidates will do when elected.  Reading campaign literature where they call themselves fiscal conservatives may be enough to fool some people, but look deeper.  When virtually […]

Hauman – Renner’s pick

By:  Diane Benjamin I wonder if Tari Renner wrote the campaign materials his picks are using for the Bloomington City Council:  Hauman, Painter, Buragas!  They all say pretty much the same thing. Luckily 2 of the 3 have a voting history on the Council.  Yesterday I wrote about Joni Painter’s campaign materials and her voting […]

Crony potted plants

By:  Diane Benjamin I wrote yesterday about the Council voting to hand their power over to David Hales:  https://blnnews.com/2015/01/26/bloomington-city-council-becomes-congress/ Dining at taxpayer expense with Renner and Hales makes it easy to be immaterial.  (https://blnnews.com/2015/01/22/remember-the-post-make-sure-you-are-calm/)  SEVEN people aren’t on the Council to represent their Wards.  They think the job is to rubber stamp whatever is brought […]

Wow! 3 Freedom of Information Denials in less than 1 week

by:  Diane Benjamin Monday I posted this story with links to 2 FOIA denials:  https://blnnews.com/2014/07/20/whats-mayor-transparency-hiding/ Yesterday my request for emails To or From the New Communications Director Nora Dukowitz was partially denied.  See the letter here:  Dukowitz Denials The City of Bloomington needs to investigate further what can be denied.  I’m done filing Request of […]

Bloomington: It’s close to over (for you)

by:  Diane Benjamin Does everybody know who Rep. Jan Schakowsky is?  Search the Internet.  She is a confirmed Socialist and member of Democratic Socialists of America.  Contrary to what is taught in schools today, socialism is not a social group or club.  Socialism means government is smarter than you, government controls everything, government must make all […]