Hauman – Renner’s pick

By:  Diane Benjamin

I wonder if Tari Renner wrote the campaign materials his picks are using for the Bloomington City Council:  Hauman, Painter, Buragas!  They all say pretty much the same thing.

Luckily 2 of the 3 have a voting history on the Council.  Yesterday I wrote about Joni Painter’s campaign materials and her voting record. ( https://blnnews.com/2015/03/17/painter-intent-to-deceive/)

I could write exactly the same things about Hauman.

Hauman is trying to describe herself exactly like Painter.  Road and Sewers are a priority.  Ask her why the only money budgeted for 2016 is from the Motor Fuel Tax passed last year.  When the General Fund has no spending on infrastructure, exactly how high of a priority is it?  Last year the City borrowed $10,000,000 for roads, nothing was spent from the General Fund.

The General Fund no longer pays for essential services.  It pays for all the other projects Hauman has voted for in her short time on the Council.  In fact, she has never voted against any spending proposed by Renner and Hales, even though she claimed when appointed she was not a reliable Renner vote.  When the potted plants approve buying the decrepit Sugar Creek Packing property with no thought to the future expense, the only agenda they are thinking of is Renner’s.  When hiring more consultants are rubber-stamped, it’s the Renner agenda.  They vote – you pay.

Downtown redevelopment is a high priority – it is for all three candidates.  All three buy into Renner’s vision of downtown being the future.  Renner’s liquor commission continues to approve licenses for downtown, so much for changing atmosphere.

The election if April 7th

If Renner’s picks win a massive spending spree will be unleashed – just like Normal.

You too can get fee and property tax increases to pay for it – just like Normal.

Hauman has a website listing the issues as she sees them.  Google it.  The last paragraph implies that tax increases will be needed to keep all your Quality of Life spending.

The choice is your Bloomington.  Do you want to be just like Normal?

The election will turn on who votes.  The tax and spend liberals, unions, and Wesleyan students will vote.

This link has contact info for the anti-Renner candidates:  https://blnnews.com/2015/03/12/april-7th-bloomington-lives-or-gets-crushed/

They need your help, contact them.




2 thoughts on “Hauman – Renner’s pick

  1. They can’t say what they really want to do or they would never get elected. Their campaign flyer would read: For More New Taxes! More new fees! More regulation! More Bigger Expensive Government! Less Transparency! More Group Think! Less Independent Thought! Less Citizen Voice! Vote For Me on Election Day! They would lose in a landslide.


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