Replacing Aaron Schock – breaking

By:  Diane Benjamin

Look for an announcement here by 11:00 am tomorrow.

A local law enforcement officer and naval reservist will be announcing tomorrow his intent to run.  He was already planning on running against Schock in 2016. Stay tuned . . .

(He evidently changed his mind, or maybe Lahood called him too.)

5 thoughts on “Replacing Aaron Schock – breaking

    1. Dan Brady, I wouldn’t vote for that nut case. He was on WJBC this morning he talked just like a 3rd grader in my opinion. These B/N good ole boys, Pat, Dan, Bill, need to go bye bye.


  1. The Pantycrap is offering Jason Barickman, Bill Brady and Darin LaHood. You bet I’ll stay tuned because right now I don’t much care for the offering.


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