Replacing Aaron Schock – breaking

By:  Diane Benjamin Look for an announcement here by 11:00 am tomorrow. A local law enforcement officer and naval reservist will be announcing tomorrow his intent to run.  He was already planning on running against Schock in 2016. Stay tuned . . . (He evidently changed his mind, or maybe Lahood called him too.)

Aaron Schock’s bad week continues – see this

I know NOTHING about the author, but he includes a lot of documentation for his claims. BNR EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Schock Sells Home Above Market Value to Political Donor Jimmy Williams | 1 day ago | Breaking News, Justice, Public Enemies, Trending Editor’s Note: Neither Congressman Schock nor his staff would speak on the record for […]

Schock, Davis, & Kinzinger vote for illegals

by:  Diane Benjamin There are two types of people in government:  1) Those who want to control you and 2) Those who think people have a right to control their own lives.  It has nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans.  Voting the party no longer matters.  Eric Cantor was defeated because he was in […]

Obama Group Supports Pro-Amnesty Republicans. guess who?

Organizing for Action (OFA), the activist spinoff group of President Obama’s campaign arm, is ramping up its push for “comprehensive” immigration reform in an unusual way this summer. With House leadership vowing to only vote on immigration bills that have the support of the majority of House Republicans (known as the Hastert rule after a […]

Aaron Schock doesn’t like being filmed anymore!

UPDATE:  Fox News requested to use my videos tonight on Hannity.  Schock will be very happy.   From a town hall attendee: UPDATE: Aaron Schock had a town hall in Chatham yesterday.  There was a large crowd which overflowed the restaurant meeting room.  There were signs all over that said “no recording or video taping […]

Congressional Town Halls

Update:  Video will be available soon!  Check back.   If Rodney Davis has issued a list of where he will be in August, he’s keeping it a secret! Today: Aaron Schock: 3:30pm CT: Ice Cream with your Congressman City Hall 108 S. Buchanan St., Heyworth, IL Possible Topics for conservatives: Does Rep Schock stand with […]

Aaron Schock is a co-sponser of Internet Tax Law

by:  Diane Benjamin First, from my perspective: I have a company that writes Custom Software.  No 2 customers have the same program, so in Illinois the software is tax exempt since it is considered labor.  I sell the program in many states, and I have no idea if custom software is exempt in them too.  This […]