Congressional Town Halls

Update:  Video will be available soon!  Check back.


If Rodney Davis has issued a list of where he will be in August, he’s keeping it a secret!


Aaron Schock:

3:30pm CT: Ice Cream with your Congressman
City Hall
108 S. Buchanan St., Heyworth, IL

Possible Topics for conservatives:

Does Rep Schock stand with Mike Lee and Ted Cruz to defund ObamaCare?

If not – the GOP OWNS it and will pay the price.

NO immigration bill – current laws aren’t being enforced.  Why do we need new ones to legalize criminals?

Tell Rep. Aaron Schock to Reject the Internet Sales Tax

The Senate recently passed the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act. The influence of special interests and big business lobbyists was on display in the Senate, and your Representative is a cosponsor of the House bill.

>> Tell Rep. Aaron Schock: This bill is not about fairness, it is about taxing small online businesses.

Many lawmakers believe this is debate is about “fairness,” “state sovereignty,” or “streamlining.” It is not. The bill grants states the authority to harass and audit small, out-of-state businesses that operate online

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