Truth: Victoria Harris UPDATE

By:  Diane Benjamin Victoria Harris is a County Board Member.  Victoria Harris endorsed Joni Painter on her campaign materials. Victoria Harris attended the Bruce Rauner event in Normal yesterday. Victoria Harris is also quoted in today’s Pantagraph telling Rauner that teacher salaries at ISU are too low and the students are being hurt by Rauner’s cuts (cuts haven’t taken place yet!). Victoria Harris is a retired ISU professor.  Below is how much she earns every month from her pension.  Keep in mind, this is RETIREMENT – not a working salary: harrisa Source:

This is previous years pensions:


Pensions increase 3% every year under the current law.  See why pensions are un-affordable?

When the Pantagraph quotes anybody you aren’t familiar with – look up who they are.  The local truth-stretching cabal will become apparent.

7 thoughts on “Truth: Victoria Harris UPDATE

  1. Oh boo hoo teachers aren’t being paid enough. Many years ago when I worked there all you had to do was go over to Milner Library, bottom floor, and ask to see the listing of employees and what they earned. No way then and no way now would what Victoria said would be true.

    Those Universities know darn well all they need to do is raise tuition to make up for the state cuts and they also know all they have to do is raise the level of qualified aid a student can get for loans and they will qualify. Just a game these people play just so those Universities don’t have to dip into their massive donation funds.

    Wasteful spending is what I always saw. They had one network person who was always changing things and he would spend every penny they gave him. That is just one example out of likely thousands of others.

    Quite the cushy job working there too. Around Christmas they would close and that was like having 2 extra weeks of vacation paid. Then too we accumulated sick days and when you left you were paid for those. Hardly if no business even does that.

    When I saw those University Presidents whining to the legislators I thought cry me a river. No sympathy here.


  2. Vicki. Vicky. Vickie Harris has had a stressful career creating jobs in the ISU English department, working 15-20 hours per week, summers off working on research, sabbaticals, getting paid her pension by tax payers so she has every RIGHT to organize student drones at the governors appearance in Normal, get quoted by MAF in the Pantagraph, collect her pension (and her hubby Chuck) after years of hard work. What a great public servant to our community. Is she a master gardener too?


  3. The answer to Vicky’s face should have been. If they don’t like the pay then there is the door to find a better paying job. I bet not a one of them would do that.


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