Pantagraph is censoring letters

By:  Diane Benjamin

This morning I talked to a source who talked to the Pantagraph.  That person was wondering where all the Letters to the Editor were.  Many have been submitted in support of conservative candidates, few have been printed.

This person was told the Pantagraph staff is FACT CHECKING letters before printing.  Evidently that only applies to candidates the Pantagraph would never support like Jeremy Kelly, Alton Franklin, and Lupe Diaz, fiscally responsible people who oppose the Renner agenda aren’t welcome in their paper.

How do I know that?  A week or two ago the Pantagraph did print a letter calling for the re-election of one the Renner’s appointees.  She was NEVER elected, only appointed.  Did you miss that fact check Pantagraph?  You printed an outright lie meant to make people believe she had been previously elected.

From now on I will be fact checking letters the Pantagraph chooses to print.

They obviously aren’t capable.

2 letters are printed today for Joni Painter.  Both paint Painter as caring and thoughtful.  She votes with the rest of the potted plants, how much thought does that take?  How much thought did she put into raising 3 taxes last year – the Utilities and Motor Fuel tax hit the poor the hardest!  Does Ward 5 need somebody that thoughtful?



2 thoughts on “Pantagraph is censoring letters

  1. Does anybody actually read the pantagraph? I know of three people who read it, and two of them do not live in Bloomington.


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