What do the Unions want?

By:  Diane Benjamin


Amelia Buragas and Joni Painter filed campaign contributions, I don’t see where Diane Hauman, Jeremy Kelly, Lupe Diaz, or Alton Franklin have.  They may have not spent enough to require filing.

Below is what was reported.

Burcont PainterCont


3 thoughts on “What do the Unions want?

  1. The unions don’t know what they want. Wait, yeah they want to work but they don’t understand how work works. Much more work would be available for the rank and file if the real free market was allowed to flourish. But alas, it’s another group of individuals following the wrong leaders.

  2. A hotel to be built in downtown Bloomington with nothing but union labor. It’s pay back time starting when they take the oath.

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