Gov Units: Too many!

By:  Diane Benjamin

One target for reform championed by Gov Rauner is decreasing the units of government in Illinois.  See this report by the Illinois Policy Institute:  Illinois has too many units and they cost taxpayers way more than necessary.

On the Illinois Comptroller’s website is a tab labelled The Local Government Warehouse:  Just for Bloomington the following units are listed:

Bloomington – A City in McLean County

Bloomington – A Township in McLean County

Bloomington City – A Township in McLean County

Bloomington (City of) – A Housing Authority in McLean County

Bloomington Twp – A Fire Protection District in McLean County

Bloomington-Normal – A Airport Authority in McLean County

Bloomington-Normal – A Water Reclamation District in McLean County

All of these units require tax money, a lot of it is spent on administration.  Some units are audited, some aren’t.  Many can “fly under the radar” of citizens because it isn’t clear what they do.  Holding government accountable for how tax money is spent is much more difficult when it goes to numerous places.

Bloomington Township

Administration  $150,439

Total Expenses  $276,587

Revenues $453,403  (Mostly taxes)

Not audited

Bloomington City – A Township in McLean County

Administration $1,096,829
Social Welfare

Total Expenses  $2,872,110

Revenues $2,726,439  (Mostly taxes)


Bloomington (City of) Housing Authority

Total Expenditures  $5,715,982  NO other information is listed!

Not audited

Bloomington Twp Fire Protection District

Public Safety  $370,218

Revenues  $413,328 (Mostly taxes)

Serving a population of 3,176

Employees:  22

No audit was submitted

Bloomington-Normal Airport Authority

Administration  $2,700,777

Transportation/Public Works  $1,403.260

Debt Payments $2.070,850

Capital Outlays  $6,143,847

Depreciation  $34,462

Total Expenses $12,353,196

Charges for services  $3,608,176

Taxes  $3,461,577

Interest $5,441

Inter Government  $4,460,713

Fines  $295

Other $4,900

Total Revenue  $11,541,102


Bloomington-Normal – A Water Reclamation District in McLean County

Administration  $1,465,034

Environment $5,136,135

Debt Payments $998,725

Depreciation  $2,156,636

Other $15,220

Total Expenses  $ 9,771,750

Revenue from taxes  $4,697,833

Licenses and Permits  $1,315,191

Charges for services $7,723,902

Interest $8,952

Misc (31,030)

Total Revenue   $13,714,848


Normal is part of the last two listed.  Normal also shows a Township and a Drainage District.

The Bloomington Cemetery District was dissolved in 2006.








3 thoughts on “Gov Units: Too many!

  1. Rauner better be looking at Unit 5 and 87 school districts as well. Its time the two of those merge and get rid of some of the potted plants that are robbing taxpayers blind esp. Unit 5 board they are leaches on the tax payers back. While Rauners at it take a peek at Hartland Board they are a community college (stress the word community) They think they are ISU and r sucking taxpayers dry!

    1. Community colleges in Illinois need to get back to the original funding model. This means the state needs to step up and honor it. 1/3 tuition, 1/3 local taxes, and 1/3 state funding. That’s how they were started, and that’s how they should be funded now. If you want sports, find external funding, don’t charge students and local taxpayers for them.

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