Brady/Renner love fest

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember the Bill Brady Grant – McGraw Park – Central Catholic – Jim Fruin fiasco several months ago?

After the park expansion was voted down, Brady tasked ex-mayor Jesse Smart (who Rauner kicked off the State Board of Elections) with finding new places to spend his legislative pot of money.  Renner acted liked the money was still his and came up with his own plans.  Meanwhile a hold was put on the money that I don’t think has been lifted.

Brady then found multiple places to spend it, Bloomington only getting some of the original $750,000.

For tonight’s meeting, since they will be in the same room, Tari felt the need to thank Billy for the money he will probably never see:

Page 2:

I would also be remiss in not expressing our sincere gratitude for the recent capital grant funding secured by Senator Bill Brady which will go toward necessary improvements to Sunnyside Park and the Miller Park Pavilion

I guess time will tell if the bankrupt State decides releasing the money is a good idea.

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