Non-Partisan? They shouldn’t be

By:  Diane Benjamin

It’s way past time to quit calling local elections non-partisan when the candidates bring their ideology to their elected office.  Voters deserve to know what the candidates will do when elected.  Reading campaign literature where they call themselves fiscal conservatives may be enough to fool some people, but look deeper.  When virtually every spending vote on the Bloomington City Council is 7-2, and the two voting against it are never Painter or Hauman, who exactly are the real fiscal conservatives?

More information not on campaign literature:

Joni Painter is a Democrat Precinct Committeeman:

Democrat McLean Precinct 39

Bloomington City  Joni Painter 1903 Hedgewood Bloomington IL 61704 Page 132

Joni Painter attended a fund-raiser for socialist Jan Schakowsky.  She calls herself a socialist, it’s not my words.

Joni Painter voted for all three tax increases last year


Diana Hauman stated that the Route 66 visitor’s bureau will draw 80,000 visitors a year. (WGLT/League of Women Voters debate)

I couldn’t find the debate on the WGLT website, contact them if you want to hear it.

Diana Hauman is fully on board with Renner’s plans to redevelop downtown – read her application for appointment:

Why are some of the people who endorsed her blacked out?

David Hauman is listed as Democratic Precinct Committeeman, Diana’s husband.  Diana was appointed to the Council by Democrat Tari Renner.

When appointed to fill Fazzini’s seat, Diana made this statement:

“Communicate, ask questions, listen to one another,” said Hauman. “I don’t expect that we’re always going to agree with one another. I told Tari that when we were talking, don’t expect me to always agree with what he has to say. But I do feel that there has to be a way that we can listen to one another in a respectful way.”

So far Hauman has agreed with the Renner agenda.  Look at her votes, she is always among the 7 in all the 7-2 votes.


Both Hauman and Painter like to eat at your expense with Renner or Hales.  These lunches never include Stearns or Lower, so what do you think they are discussing?  Hauman even brings her husband along.  Do you think they are convinced to spend your money at these lunches?  Discussing City business in small groups keeps from violating the Open Meetings Act.  It also makes a mockery out of the spirit of law which was to make sure government is open and transparent.

Vote early right now

Drag your neighbors to the polls April 7th







2 thoughts on “Non-Partisan? They shouldn’t be

  1. The local GOP have their head stuck in the sand on local politics. They need new leadership that can strategize to elect conservatives at the local level and not tax and spend progressive republicans. The local democrats while screaming non partisanship at the local level as part of their disinformation campaign have clearly developed a strategy to takeover city and county offices Where is the GOP?


  2. Hope u get this cause I’m old
    & don’t know what I’m doing & only have iPhone not reg computer. U have no idea how much I appreciate the info u give me. From day one I called the MAYOR twinkle toes Tari(pronounced TAAREEE cause he b special(don’t cha know). I’m in ward 1
    & have cd Kevin L & he seems like a decent guy. U r doing a great job. My friend signed me up w u
    Cause I didn’t know how. Good luck w what u r doing. Thank u so much.

    Sent from my iPhone



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