Heartland – On the Ballot!

By:  Diane Benjamin EVERYONE has something to vote for tomorrow – even outside of Bloomington – Normal! School Board elections:  I don’t have time to investigate every candidate, but I did write this on Unit 5 and District 87:  https://blnnews.com/2015/03/24/early-voting-already-started/ Tri-Valley has a long list of candidates including Steven Stark, son of the former board […]

TWO pre-election events:

Meet Lupe Diaz, Candidate For Fifth Ward Alderman @ KEP’S KITCHEN On March 28th 3 pm to 5 pm Confirmed invited guests include: ☆Cities 92.9 FM Morning Host Ian Bayne, and Fist Bump ☆Alderman Kevin Lower ☆Alderwoman Judy Stearns All citizens and media are encouraged to attend. Food, and spirits will be served. Donations are welcome […]

Non-Partisan? They shouldn’t be

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s way past time to quit calling local elections non-partisan when the candidates bring their ideology to their elected office.  Voters deserve to know what the candidates will do when elected.  Reading campaign literature where they call themselves fiscal conservatives may be enough to fool some people, but look deeper.  When virtually […]

Buragas: More you need to know

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Renner has a limited supply of Democrats to appoint.  Evidently that’s why Amelia Buragas was appointed to two positions by him.  (Zoning Board of Appeals and Evergreen Memorial Cemetery Board:  https://blnnews.com/2015/02/04/ward-4-forum-buragas/) With a limited pool of potential appointees, Renner appointed Amalia’s husband to the McLean County Regional Planning Commission.  http://www.mcplan.org/department/board.php?structureid=16 The […]