Who does Tari want you to vote for?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I hear this is his house.  Evidently he is pleased with his appointee.


5 thoughts on “Who does Tari want you to vote for?

  1. Looks like that street needs some potholes and maybe a big one at the end of their driveway.

    Anyone see any possible zoning violations to report on the homeowner? What’s that a bush planted in the city right of way?


  2. His house says number 2. I wonder who’s number 1? Does this piss him off that he’s numero dookie? (ALL puns are intentional, you’re welcome!)


  3. This shouldn’t come as a surpise to anyone. After all, he did appoint her so it only stands to reason he’d support her. With all due respect to the Mayor, he is entitled to put whoever’s sign in his yard that he wants to.

    Alton Franklin has done a lousy job in his campaign. I haven’t seen any signs at all and I have to wonder if he’s even serious about running. Yesterday he didn’t even respond to the Pantagraph’s questions in which responses were printed for every candidate. What are we to make of this? Conservative candidates are going to have to wake up and do a better job of running a campaign if they have any hopes of being an instrument of change on the Bloomington City Council. Alton has confused showing up at the public comment session at a Council meeting with campaigning and they are not the same thing. If he expects to change his city then he needs to run a credible campaign where he’s meeting voters and engaging them in the issues and building a coalition of people to represent. He hasn’t done that and while I would agree with a lot of his positions he hasn’t earned the right to sit on the Council. At least Hauman is running a campaign to be elected after being appointed by Renner.


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