How is the Coliseum really doing?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The below information from 2008 was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act more than a year ago, the City of Bloomington does not have Coliseum reports on-line prior to 2012.

Click on either picture below to enlarge.

CiamcompThe 2014-2015 Budget numbers can be found here:


The revenue budget has dropped $1,016,582 since 2008.  Also note, CIAM was only $328,849 away from meeting the 2008 projection.

How close is CIAM to meeting the 2015 budget figures that are much lower than projected in 2008?



To meet the 2015 budget, for February-April of 2015, revenue of $1,230,907.60 is needed, almost as much as CIAM reported for the first 9 months.

In 7 years the projected revenue is down over a million dollars.  Obviously CIAM will not meet the much lower budgeted revenue either.

The City of Bloomington is already negotiating a new contract with CIAM.  Who is looking out for you?  Obviously not the City or the contract would be put out for bid instead of keeping the current management.  In 2008 revenue was much higher, without a downtown hotel.  Anybody at the City looking at these numbers?  Does the Council care?

Council candidate Amelia Buragas doesn’t think the Coliseum should be expected to break even.  Don’t miss the end – she expects you to attend events to lower the losses.


4 thoughts on “How is the Coliseum really doing?

  1. these current revenue numbers are abysmal. The drop in club seats/memberships are significant and concessions don’t even compare to 2008. Why? Fewer people coming to the building? What happens to naming rights when they are not sold for next year? Didn’t US Cellular already say they are dropping when their contract ends in March 2016?

    Didn’t the management company have to provide naming rights to the building in order to get the current contract? and suites? and club seats? and concessions equipment?

    I hope the City is negotiating a better contract for the taxpayers without so much income provided to CIAM on a monthly basis.


  2. I wonder if Joni Painter would be interested in selling it to Costco instead of floating the idea of using part of Highland golf course for Costco. Gawd only knows how that idea would go over. “then, perhaps, turn the other part into an arboretum or community gardens,” OMG you’ve got to be kidding, right! Another liberal feel good venture. Sure Joni, even maybe Sunday afternoon tea too on the lawn.


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