Early Voting already started

By:  Diane Benjamin

Early voting is happening now through April 4th for the April 7th consolidated election.  Wards 4, 5, and 8 in Bloomington have contested elections.  Wards 2 and 6 aren’t contested.

Elections in Bloomington are perfectly clear.  If you love Mayor Renner vote for his hand chosen picks.  (Buragas, Hauman and Painter)

If you want to stop Renner vote for the other guys:  Kelley, Franklin, Diaz

Turnout will be the deciding factor.  If citizens are paying attention, this election should be to throw out the rascals like after the Coliseum was passed   Low turnout will elect Renner’s picks and then the spending will begin.  Fundamental transformation won’t begin to describe what will happen to Bloomington.  Taxpayers will then have 2 choices: Move out of Bloomington (vote with your feet) or pay higher taxes.  Since the citizens didn’t pay attention until the Coliseum was passed, I have little hope.  Why do people have to be severely fleeced before they vote?

In Normal I am not aware of any candidates that won’t be controlled by Koos.

School Board elections are also on the ballot.  These are the most important and the most ignored elections.

The local TEA Party held a forum for school board candidates, 4 attended.  They issued this summary after the meeting, it may help you make a decision:

GLENN BLOCK  Glen is a lifelong community member who loves kids and education. He is the oldest of 11 children and has worked with Lions Clubs for 20 years.   Mr Block is opposed to Common Core.  He brings financial knowledge and a degree in economics to the position.  He believes in cost cutting through sensible solutions.
 He sees three challenges facing Unit 5
1)   Inadequate funds.  The state of IL is not forthcoming with promised monies.  The Unit will have to work around this deficit
2)   Enrollment.  The growth has leveled off due to State Farm relocations.  The Unit has grown in the past 20 years from 3,000 to 13,000 students
3)   Technology.  All 6-12th graders will be supplied laptops and will need to be taught continuing technology.
JOHN HOWARD KUK comes to our area from Chicago and is eager to serve our community.  He is an ISU graduate where he was involved in ROTC and has expertise in technology.  He learned business management at Country Companies.  Mr Kuk is eager to promote America’s good and wants students to have access to vocational training.  This election is his first foray into politics.  Mr Kuk desires to be known as a supporter of the next generation.  He seeks to find solutions to problems and use a practical attitude towards problems.  He believes local PTO’s can be of great help and also desires involvement in each school by the students’ parents, seen as taxpayer control of their own funds.
JAMES ALMEDA served our country in the military, is a Kiwanis and is committed to community service and is a fiscal conservative.  He is currently serving on the board as he was appointed last summer to fill a vacancy.  He believes Common Core hinders teachers through requiring too many assessments.  He desires to work with the State Board for flexibility.  He acknowledges decreased funding from the State and would work to overcome this through other avenues.  He sees his role as a board member to be an advocate for all groups.  He considers himself able to work with people of all ages
MARK WYLIE is a retired engineer who went through the District 87 schools as has (and are now) his own 5 children and foster children from time to time.  His desire is to give back to his community.  District 87 will not grow population wise as with the State not meeting its obligations to schools Mr Wylie looks to proactive maintenance of school buildings as well as offering vocational training for the entire of McLean County
All 4 candidates stressed community service as a motive and all were opposed to Common Core to some degree.
Submitted by Maureen Barnes, McLean TEA Party board member.

7 thoughts on “Early Voting already started

  1. Alton Franklin needs to get in the game. So far I’ve seen nothing as far as campaign signs or him addressing the issues. Showing up at a Council meeting and speaking at the open comments session is not campaigning. I agree with what he says and stands for, but he needs to step up to the plate and play ball. Right now he’s handing the election to his opponent.


  2. Ward 5 Resident here: I’m voting for Painter. Lupe Diaz is a LINO (Libertarian in Name Only) who opposes marriage equality and marijuana legalization (2 major Libertarian issues). If I want to sodomize my girlfriend, that’s none of the damn Government’s business.


    1. I’m not sure what marriage equality and marijuana legalization have to do with the Bloomington city counsel. Neither that I know of that the city counsel has the power to regulate or determine.

      Odd how some people choose their candidate or not choose.

      So you would rather pay more taxes and fees and have less money? Hmm interesting. With less money you may have to fore-go buying marijuana or a marriage license?

      What you do in your own bedroom is your business and not the city counsel’s. Unless if David Hales decides to make you buy a permit to sodomize your girlfriend. Knowing him he might just suggest that.


    2. Not their business but you just gave the NSA a big hint brain child. Lol, if Painter loves this connection of sodomy with your girlfriend then lol again! Ha! Lol!


  3. Showing no proof?

    Pot meet Kettle.

    Can you prove to me that Joni Painter is a registered socialist Ms. Joe McCarthy?


    1. Yes I can! Search this site. She attended a fundraiser in Chicago for a person who calls herself a socialist! I’d post a link but I’m using my phone.

      I will be waiting for your apology (probably a long time)


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