Bloomington: It’s close to over (for you)

by:  Diane Benjamin

Does everybody know who Rep. Jan Schakowsky is?  Search the Internet.  She is a confirmed Socialist and member of Democratic Socialists of America.  Contrary to what is taught in schools today, socialism is not a social group or club.  Socialism means government is smarter than you, government controls everything, government must make all the decisions.  The peons must be controlled – that’s you.  Individual liberty is meaningless.  Socialism is one step below communism, the only thing missing is the killing of protesters.

Schakowsky was a regular on the former WLS Don and Roma morning show.  She wasn’t afraid to publicly admit on the air that she is a socialist.  Of course she is the type of socialist that wants to keep her money, just re-distribute yours so everybody is equal.  If you want more proof, research her husband:  Robert Creamer.

The following email was received under the Freedom of Information Act.  I could accuse the City of trying to bury the truth, but I will just say this information was requested on May 13th.  By law the City has 5 days to respond.  I got it today after I emailed them yesterday that I was still waiting.

The players:

  • Marlene Gregor – Renner campaign supporter and the person responsible for the less than ethical art gallery in the Mayor’s office.
  • Joni Painter – appointed by Renner to replace Jennifer McDade after her resignation
  • League of Women voters – supporters of almost everything leaning left, including ObamaCare



This country was founded by people fleeing government oppression.   We have fought many wars to free people from Socialism, Communism, and Marxism.

Congratulations Bloomington.  Now you have supporters of a socialist sitting on the City Council.

Schakowsky’s views are widely known.  Obviously anyone driving to Chicago to attend a fundraiser for her knows what she stands for.  Renner is a big Democrat, so obviously he knows too.

At least Schakowsky is willing to admit what she stands for.  I bet Painter and Renner will punt the question, probably even call it ridiculous.  Keep in mind you just got 3 new taxes.  That would make any socialist proud.

As a supporter, Gregor could at least spell her name right.





One thought on “Bloomington: It’s close to over (for you)

  1. Fly on the wall: Rob Fazzini will resign his seat before his term is up giving Renner another appointment and thus pack the Council. Count on that person to be like minded and mostly likely will get reelected as the sitting alderman.


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