County + Town of Normal Elections

By: Diane Benjamin What would happen to freedom if an election was held and nobody showed up to vote? I predict VERY low turnout on April 2nd.  Except for the Town of Normal, few other races are even contested.  Unit 5 residents will have much higher property tax bills this year.  When fiscally responsible candidates […]

This is your Coliseum moment Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin After the Bloomington City Council voted for the Coliseum – every member who voted YES left the Council. If citizens had elected like-minded people you wouldn’t be saddled with the Coliseum today! Failure to vote in local elections put aldermen on the Council who didn’t represent you! It’s happening again: Tari Renner […]

TWO pre-election events:

Meet Lupe Diaz, Candidate For Fifth Ward Alderman @ KEP’S KITCHEN On March 28th 3 pm to 5 pm Confirmed invited guests include: ☆Cities 92.9 FM Morning Host Ian Bayne, and Fist Bump ☆Alderman Kevin Lower ☆Alderwoman Judy Stearns All citizens and media are encouraged to attend. Food, and spirits will be served. Donations are welcome […]

Painter: Intent to Deceive?

By:  Diane Benjamin A Ward 5 resident sent me Joni Painters campaign materials.  I’m going to separate her talking points from reality. Joni wants to “address our crumbling roads and deteriorating water and sewer systems”?  Ask her why the only money budgeted for 2016 comes from the Motor Fuel Tax passed last year – by […]