Update: Bloomington Brick Street Alert

It’s E. Jefferson

Sent by a reader, I was told this is E Washington – close to the David Davis Mansion. There are no barricades or warning signs. If you have the Bloomington App please report it. (otherwise they will see it here)

I don’t remember brick on this road, but then I prefer to never cross Veterans Parkway. Almost everything I need is now east of Veterans.

5 thoughts on “Update: Bloomington Brick Street Alert

  1. There was this other woman that used to represent this ward on the city council .. can’t remember her name .. ultra liberal wealthy type .. used to go on and on about those brick streets ad nauseam – she didn’t fix it then and it’s still there now. But we DID get wayfinding signs and some promises..

    Brick , asphalt or concrete – doesn’t matter. The city is never going to fix our crumbling streets. The will just isn’t there. There are more pressing Big Picture social justice issues the council is focused on.


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