Normal: How much abuse will you tolerate?

By: Diane Benjamin

City Manager Pam Reece had total compensation of $264,309.63 last year, the Council voted in April to give her an $8000 raise.

That’s not enough abuse?

How about making you pay for Fire Hydrants feet from Bloomington’s?


That’s not enough abuse?

How about an underpass to save 50 feet where the cost is approaching $30,000,000? Driving on Linden you get to sit behind a train on the tracks, but bikers and walkers don’t!

That’s not enough abuse?

Like the potholes? Like brown water?

That’s not enough abuse?

You haven’t seen anything yet, stay tuned!

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6 thoughts on “Normal: How much abuse will you tolerate?

  1. It is unreal. She does not earn that. No! Way! And as though that’s not bad enough, queenpam and kingkoos do not want the tax paying citizens to have a voice.

  2. Good grief! Her performance “metrics” must have really been impressive for ram rodding tax funded and futuristic “strategy” though. When will people wake up and stop these so called leaders in the county and B-N? Never. Elites run every organization and industry now and woke mob acting like their technocratic strategy will save everyone- and getting bonus and rasises. Riduculous really to watch.

  3. Tom Devore for IL Attorney General. Get out there and vote. Tell your friends to vote. SHOUT IT from the roof tops. Everybody VOTE. The system has to be overwhelmed to better the odds that they cannot cheat anohter election because cheating does happen.

  4. The fact that anyone in the town government of a town the size of Normal is paid anywhere NEAR that much money is simply puke inducing. That goes for Gleason in Bloomington too.

  5. The dog park offers poop bags. In front of city hall there should be a pole that offers barf bags.

    1. I do feel a little sick whenever I have to even go through “uptown” I do my best to not go there.

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