Vote NO: Amendment 1

By: Diane Benjamin

Reforming pensions should be the Constitutional amendment on the November 8th ballot. It isn’t, that is more than enough reason to vote NO on the amendment that is on the ballot. Pension debt keeps rising as it eats at least 25% of the State budget. Fixing pensions isn’t ever a priority!

The way the amendment is presented on the ballot sounds more like a threat, they will call a convention?

Here is why this amendment is on the ballot: Unions were really upset with the Supreme Court ruling in Janus.

That decision said employees did not have to pay union dues to keep their job. Amendment 1 voids the Supreme court decision and forces all workers to pay union dues if a union exists. It also gives unions the right to negotiate more benefits which YOU WILL PAY FOR.

All of the other wording in the amendment is already federal law – the right to organize.

See who is spending MILLIONS to pass this amendment, it isn’t about workers rights as they claim!

3 thoughts on “Vote NO: Amendment 1

  1. I am voting NO on Amendment 1!! It is NOT going to benefit the workers, just the higher ups!!


  2. The unions, like the democrats are willing to work hard and invest their dollars to get what they want.

    Conservatives, not so much.

  3. Country, Being a senior citizen over 70 and still working and having worked non stop since age of 12 not complaining because I enjoy working but because of todays economic conditions in order to make ends meet working is a must. Our state is in a terrible a position with pensions so many workers retiring at age 55 and most getting paid 70% of their current salary plus 3% increases each year for life, which is why it is not sustainable, the burden falls on me the taxpayer. No I am not faulting the person that is able to do this but this system needs corrected starting with voting out every democrat in existence they work but on the backs of us taxpayers.. Yes, I am a conservative a working conservative! For all you Trump haters out there are you happy now?

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