Unit 5 tax increase – fewer students!

By: Diane Benjamin

Enrollment last year:

Unit 5 just posted the new enrollment:

197 fewer students, but they need more money.

Did you know Income Inequality is higher in Blue States than Red? https://www.dailywire.com/news/blue-states-have-worse-inequality-than-red-ones-new-census-data-shows

Before voting on Unit 5’s demand for more money, see what they did with the money they already have:


That document is littered with abbreviations that aren’t defined until page 119. This Equity Audit is why Dr. Shelvin was hired and the entire curriculum is now Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Listen to Dr. Shelvin talking about what she gets by with doing that other school districts don’t.

Unit 5 created a whole new industry around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. See this page: https://www.unit5.org/domain/3645

Teaching essentials and catching up from COVID lockouts should be the priority. At Unit 5 it isn’t.

FYI: County Board candidate Corey Beirne is on the DELT Leadership team. No surprise. https://blnnews.com/2022/09/21/the-truth-about-district-10-candidate-corey-beirne/

This is the wording on the ballot for the tax increase. They are asking for more than they need intending to come back again with a different proposal if this one fails. Meanwhile your property taxes will already increase due to rising property values. Vote accordingly.





17 thoughts on “Unit 5 tax increase – fewer students!

  1. they forgot to add paragraph (e) which should say regardless of the aforementioned statements it is our intent to tax the living crap out of you if you approve this increase!

  2. Fewer students, fewer teachers, fewer academic classes (they cut back on foreign language).
    So they’re asking for more money to expand, or avoid cutting, wokeness indoctrination (mpstly political grooming, with some sexual grooming) that will not serve students well in the real world.
    Not only Parenting 101, but Civics 101: Don’t reward bad behavior.
    Vote NO in NOvember, then vote New in April.

  3. Thought I spent my day teaching writing, reading, and math to small groups of students – surprised to hear that the “entire curriculum” is diversity equity and inclusion.

      1. Yes, I teach elementary – but team regularly with staff across the district and across grade levels.

    1. @HMMM
      You haven’t read your Equity Audit?
      Racism there is “systemic “ (everywhere).
      “Multiplication is for White Kids”.
      The “oppressors” – “exercise power to unjustly manipulate resources and treatment against others.”

      Maybe these things haven’t been brought to your attention yet, but they certainly could be someday. The foundations are in place. Hope you are good with being an “anti-racist”.

      1. Where are you getting “multiplication is for white kids”? – I suggest, instead of buying whatever Ms Benjamin says as the 100% truth – actually speak to employees in the district. Actually speak to them about what culturally responsive teaching means to them in their personal practice.
        As for systemic racism and being anti racist, do some reading on the likes of redlining and the impact historical practices have on current events.

      2. @HMMM
        everything I quoted came directly from Unit 5’s 122 page Equity Audit document. This is what is used to ascertain whether your Equity Action Plan is complying with the program’s goals.

        So when you see a book called “Multiplication is For White Kids” referenced in that document, ask yourself, where is this program going? Where in the world did this program come from?
        Or maybe you aren’t a serious person asking serious questions?

  4. If you are on Nextdoor, search for Corey Beirne’s adds for his McLean County Board campaign.
    Ask him if he intends to introduce the same Equity agenda in the McLean county board as he did in Unit 5 as a member of their Equity Action Plan committee.

    Equity is a racist, bigoted and yes Neo-marxist approach to personal, public and private entities.
    It calls everything they want to control “racist” until it is fully under their control. They control Unit 5 now, don’t let them control the McLean County Board.

    Stop Corey Beirne, Sharron Chung and Krystal Able now while we can.

  5. Yeah, I wasn’t ever going to vote YES on letting the government steal more money from citizens. All, and yes I mean ALL, departments of education need to be disbanded immediately and the money they collect given back to citizens.

    Over $1000 just for Unit 5 for a house that’s not only falling apart, but well over 100 years old. And they want more??? This is madness.

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