Bloomington Library Circulations Still Declining

By: Diane Benjamin

Board Report from the September meeting:

If you want to see data (it’s worse!) going back to 2013, see this story:

The Library renovation was sold as needing more space because the library was built in 1976 when the population was only 42,000. Obviously the trends above do not show traffic is increasing.

The $25.2 million renovation wasn’t for books. See this page:

This seems to apply, the library is just redefining who they are to stay in business:





5 thoughts on “Bloomington Library Circulations Still Declining

  1. Wonder how much is going to salaries and buddies for “digital” work any grade or high schooler could do for free. Such a money grab at taxpayers expense calling it innovation and keeping up and keeping $ in tight circles – Ridiculous

  2. Nothing wrong with refining who they are to stay in business – that happens in the private sector all the time with very few complaints.
    Just as in the private sector, the real question is if they provide a useful service at a reasonable price. I lean towards yes but admit I haven’t looked into Bloomington’s operation in detail. As for pouring more money into expansion or major renovation, the bottom line is that a library is a nice-to-have. Past councils have already spent our nice-to-have money on things They wanted, like the coliseum and BCPA. So we need to wait until we can afford it and then examine if it’s a priority.

  3. The project link is really good for a laugh if you need one.


    Drive-Up Window
    3 Large Meeting Spaces
    2 Large Children’s Programming Rooms
    9 Group Study Rooms (varying sizes)
    Computer Lab
    Innovation Lab
    2 Recording Studios
    Discovery Zone
    Sensory Friendly Room
    Nursing Nook
    Wider Aisles
    More-Accessible Shelving

    So we need a bigger library because we got more people? But the only thing that is bigger (and more of) is the rooms/areas that have nothing to do with a library. We are not getting more books apparently? And “Children’s programming rooms” has to be some kind of Freudian slip…. we are going to program the kids now? OMG…. this is some ate-up stuff here… And what the hell is a “Sensory Friendly Room” – this sounds woke and weird – I imagine some coolaid hair-colored overweight dike with spikes in her face at the reception table to this room. Anyway… it’s all good for a laugh.

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