Unit 5 has lost 1,447 students since 2016

By: Diane Benjamin

My FOIA for the current enrollment is due today.

The highest enrollment in the last 13 years was in 2016: 13,751. Last school year enrollment was only 12,304 – that is a DECREASE of 1,447 students. If classrooms are overcrowded it has to be because Unit 5 refuses to use their resources responsibly. They conned taxpayers into approving a referendum however.

Worse, 32% of Unit 5 graduates who want to attend college need remedial education: https://www.illinoisreportcard.com/district.aspx?districtid=17064005026&source=trends&source2=postsecondaryremediation

The STATE average is only 29%. Who is glad the Teacher’s Union School Board candidates were elected last April?

Below is the history of enrollment as of last school year:


Go back farther: https://blnnews.com/2015/01/02/unit-5-dist-87-facts/

2010-2011  12,966

2011-2012  12,894 (-72)

2012-2013  13,514   (+620)

2013-2014  13,550  (+36)

The below come from historical data here: https://www.illinoisreportcard.com/District.aspx?districtId=17064005026

2015 – 13,696

2016 – 13,751

2017 – 13,586

2018 – 13,346

2019 -13,135

2020 – 13,023

12 thoughts on “Unit 5 has lost 1,447 students since 2016

  1. So basically we were lied to like we already knew when they pleaded, begged, and cried for taxes to be raised because there wouldn’t be enough money and teachers for the overcrowded class rooms. Of course, they won’t be held accountable and taxes will continue to rise so money can be squandered for pet projects in the district and lining the pockets of administrators.

  2. Homeschooling has increased 51% since the 2017-18 school year. Public school attendance has decreased 4% during that same period.

    All of this while parents are pretty much being forced economically to send their children to the public schools. Legislation that would give parents some choice in their child’s education would make these numbers explode.

  3. The good news is 1447 children are no longer being brainwashed, harmed, and indoctrinated at Unit 5 schools. They are now hopefully being homeschooled or in private school. The bad news is TOO MANY children are still in Unit 5 being sexualized, racialized, and not learning how to read, write, spell, and do math. We also know beyond doubt that the Superintendent and administration knowingly and willfully lied to get that tax increase. Is it any wonder they would lie about everything else too. Please get your children out of Unit 5 and homeschool them. Best decision you’ll ever make.

  4. On the high school level, Unit 5 could solve a lot of overcrowding problems through redistricting with a more even distribution between Community and West. However, equity and inclusion prevents them from doing that. The higher socioeconomic demographic is at Community and the lines of districting extend too far west, but those students are needed to more evenly distribute socioeconomics at Community. Thus a lot of the overcrowding.

    That’s a parents perspective, mind you, but one that is nonetheless very well informed. I don’t think anyone at Unit 5 would ever admit this, but it’s undeniable. Population at Normal Community is nearly 400 students higher with both buildings sharing the same blueprint.

  5. That 32% needing remedial education is 32% of graduates attending community college. Not all graduates. Click on the 4-year school chart next to it. The number for the district is 0%.

    Makes sense that students who want college but need help start with community college.

          1. I’ll try one more time: your 32% of graduates statement is wrong. It’s 32% of graduates that go to community college. When you look at graduates who go to 4 year schools (click the square right next to community college in your link), the number is 0%.

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