Fly on the Wall: Ferrero

Flying around I’ve heard working conditions are suboptimal when chocolate joy should abound.

How often has OSHA visited? More than this:

How many locals got shipped to Germany to train employees there?

Did you know companies who hire H-1B visa holders don’t pay social security and medicare taxes? Since those employees have no job security they become company slaves. This makes labor much cheaper too.

Evidently American employees are afraid to speak up. What does that make them?

7 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Ferrero

  1. No surprise _ The all in “for the good” Chamber and local “strategy”
    players making big bucks and never worked a real job or hard after a cushy college stint ever (mostly alumni and relatives members of central illinois universities) with the shady public private boards and state/global partnerships are galore

    The Commerce pushes all this and even though its legal does mot mean it’s right

    Also, Pritzker and his hand picked an his network and family chums run most systems “innovation” and projects and depts and drive the agenda. (every industry)

    Anyone surprised about the HR handling and systems and operations and conditions should not be surprised

    Its a sick deceptive statement about Central Illinois and the state and those running (ruining) the systems & globalist consulting contracts & agendas and pocketbooks

    While taxpayers get the squeeze and exploited as well

    A shame

  2. Here is the list of Ferrero Products to stop buying: Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Kinder Joy, Kinder Bueno, Fannie May, Ferrero Rocher, Delacre, Keebler, Famous Amos, Little Brownie Bakers, Mother’s Cookies, Murray Cookies, Murray Sugar Free Cookies, Royal Dansk, Nutella, Tic Tac. Keep the list available on your phone so you’ll have it available when you’re shopping. Share this information with friends and family.

      1. Agreed Diane. My SIL worked there until he transferred. He’s never had problems and has dealt with HR and OSHA.

  3. OSHA is doing what it is intended to do. OSHA sometimes does unannounced inspections. The report shows 5 violations, including 2 penalties, over a 3 year period for several hundred employees.
    I’ve heard more employee complaints about working conditions at Rivian.

  4. From what I hear, there have been numerous labor violations and some have said because it’s a foreign company, they have no clue as to our laws. I do find it interesting that we don’t hear much and all the focus is on Rivian.

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