Bloomington: Can’t afford housing and food? Better see what Gleason wants you to pay for:

By: Diane Benjamin

5 socialists sit on the Bloomington City Council. There aren’t have enough common sense votes to stop spending that increases the size and scope of local government.

You better see the downtown vision:

Government never produces prosperity. Bloomington will try anyway since they know where to get money. I’m sure they have already applied for grants – free money! (🙄😫)

I saw a post on NextDoor about people just now receiving their new assessed values. Some didn’t realize they difference between increased assessed values and increased property taxes. Property taxes will only increase if the taxing bodies want more money. Mclean County does. Look at the list of government agencies on your last property tax bill. If all of them decide to seize the increased assessed value your taxes will be unaffordable, pretend they aren’t already.

Taxing people out of their houses for substandard education and government beautification must be the goal. It’s working well.

Not voting in local elections has consequences, so does not telling the City Council to STOP spending your money on downtown. You can leave comments on the website – in person can’t be ignored. Comments on the site can be easily shelved.

Check out the “outdoor shows”. The BCPA and Coliseum aren’t enough entertainment. Somewhere around $100,000,000 was wasted on them (bonds, interest, maintenance, staff, mismanagement, etc)

You need outside shows too. See the renderings above. It’s glorious if you merely visit Bloomington, not if they tax you.

Remember the Sales Tax to fix a “structural deficit” was never returned to you – that deficit was fixed years ago. Bloomington now stockpiles cash. Let’s see if this luxury will be paid for in cash. (I doubt it)

5 thoughts on “Bloomington: Can’t afford housing and food? Better see what Gleason wants you to pay for:

  1. As if Gleason even cares. He’s got his + extra sprinkles. Us ? We’re just taxable mules used to fund his ‘vision’ of what he couldn’t accomplish in his previous town.

  2. I completed the survey. Among other things, I suggested that they put God back into their life to revise their values.

  3. Starting to see all the McLean County propaganda about how great the GIS system and process and data is – data integrity and clarification/calc and sourcing is a huge issue despite counties claims of “misinformation” or “disinformation” or not fact/rumor.

    (kinda like election integrity questions and commercials )

    Dont use tour brain – trust the county system and government -“for the good” $$$

    welcome to the controlled fake narrative and targeted messaging/marketing -Illinois aka China (every taxpayer is dumb crazy – except our leaders)

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