How many People has Communism killed?

By: Diane Benjamin

Even a ridiculous source like Wikipedia has numbers ranging from a low of 10-20 million to as high as 148 million. MILLIONS of people, if you call yourself a communist you support murder.

This was obvious on the campus of Illinois Wesleyan University. The below is a screen shot from a Live Stream WEEK posted to Facebook. The local Communist Party participated and supported the march.

This is NOT FREE SPEECH – it is hate speech that Wesleyan tolerated. The group was chanting what is on the girl’s sign on the right: From the River to the Sea Palatine Will Be Free. They are referring to FROM the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. That wipes Israel off the map which is the goal of Hamas – it’s in their charter.

Although WEEK Live streamed the march, they didn’t report on the chant or what it means. Never Again should mean just that. WEEK failed in their reporting and Wesleyan has failed to educate students with facts. Gaza wouldn’t be under attack if Hamas hadn’t slaughtered Israeli citizens. Hamas was elected by the Palestinians and has been ruled by them since 2007.

There will never be peace when one side’s only goal is the destruction of Israel. CPUSA if not on the right side of history, Wesleyan should be ashamed for tolerating hate speech on campus. I wonder if they have any Jewish students? How did this march make the local Jewish community feel?

Pick a side – I refuse to be a German who ignored what was happening in their own country. This is evil and should be treated as such.

8 thoughts on “How many People has Communism killed?

  1. I can not not say more……Radical Islam, and by extension most Islamist since I know of no other religion currently tolerating the equivalent of their radical militant jihadist, are the most brutal, barbaric, murderous, liars on planet earth today. They are insidious silent invaders until they have enough for openness. Look at Europe today…..our OWN congress! They scream for “fair treatment” loudly on one hand and cut off babies heads with the other. It IS time to choose sides.

    1. I’m shocked…and greatly disappointed. But sadly, not surprised. The response to this post was what..?..four people and a jokester? Mention Unit 5 or Connect Transit and there’s twice or three times as many replies. Something is seriously wrong. HAMAS and ALL it’s supporters should be called out and called what they represent…. EVIL. What depths have we reached?

  2. I wonder if anyone in that crowd has seen the pictures and heard the news of Israeli babies being slaughtered and stuffed into ovens. If they did they probably wouldn’t care.

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