Bloomington Agenda tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

Every notice if a court rules in favor of leftists they and the media jump all over it celebrating, but if it goes against their narrative they ignore it?

Bloomington will be meeting on-line again regardless of the ruling voiding Pritzker’s executive orders.  Rulings that don’t fit the agenda can be discarded.

Agenda and Packet

Tonight there is an appointment to the Police Pension Board- Dean Messinger.  Bloomington reveals in advance who is being appointed, Normal hides their appointees.  Why is the Normal?  4 people are also being appointed to the John M Scott Health Care Commission.  PDF page 11

Since the City has been using the same dispatch software since 2005, dialing 911 and not knowing is you will be connected to Bloomington or Metcom will likely continue:


Another Inter-governmental agreement:

IGA 7-13-20

The City has an Intergovernmental Agreement with Connect Transit that is never followed.  Will this one be?  All Connect Transit partners are supposed to review their budget but never have.  

Jamie Mathy’s move to resurrect the Downtown Task Force report is back on the agenda.  I heard he has his own personal parking places reserved in front of his downtown business.  Waiting for pics.

Mathy 7-13-20

Will anybody run for Council who knows Bloomington is FAR more than downtown?

Of course they aren’t:

no repeal

The law doesn’t give Pritz the authority to issue renewals, but he would rather play dictator than convene the legislature.

This meeting shouldn’t last long – unless the two non-black members want to pretend to speak for blacks.  Maybe Jeff Crabill will speak against his employer, State Farm.  The property tax agreement is also on the agenda.  Crabill and Kim Bray should recuse themselves since both work there.

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