Local Stats nobody talks about – deaths

By:  Diane Benjamin

I compiled these numbers from the Coroner’s Report filed monthly with the McLean County Board Justice Committee.   All of the below can be found in the meeting attachments here: https://www.mcleancountyil.gov/478/Justice-Committee

I wanted to see what effect the COVID shutdown is having in McLean County.  There isn’t enough information in the Coroner’s report to tell why suicides are close to 100% higher in the first 5 months of 2020 or why drug related deaths are also higher.  Total deaths are higher too.

Definitely something to watch.

McLean county Deaths

17 thoughts on “Local Stats nobody talks about – deaths

  1. There are also reports from various independent news sources that all deaths in hospitals are being reported as Covid if the patient had a positive Covid test at any time even if the primary cause of death was not from Covid.

  2. The Edgar County Watchdogs vis Leaked News is reporting that Tom DeVore will be filing another lawsuit against the Governor’s Office today for meddling in the affairs of the Illinois High School Association, a private entity. The Governor’s office has attempted to intimidate the IHSA ( based in Bloomington) by email on when they should allow for return of sports and other activities for high school students. The office had already issued and established such guidelines by has reportedly “readjusted” them due to emails received from the Governor’s office.

  3. I watched that link sticky bean provided. Nurse showed a copy of a chart, patient was negative on two covid tests three days apart, however still noted as a covid patient. That was a very good link.

  4. Just a few days ago AOC tweeted this: “It is vital that Governors maintain restrictions on businesses until after November Elections because economic recovery will help Trump be re-elected. A few business closures or job losses is a small price to pay to be free from his presidency. #KeepUsClosed.” She took it down but not until there were 20,000 shares. < Back to what has been said before, Deceive to Achieve is how the demonrats operate.

    1. She is also blaming increased violence in NYC on Covid. She said she sees no problem in looting or stealing as long if its to feed your children.

      1. Yeah, but they are “feeding” them TVs, tablets, phones and other electronic items and high dollar clothes and shoes, that can’t be very nutritious for them, thankfully the taxpayers are still footing the bills so they can have some free food too.

  5. When you commenters wake up in he morning , do you think of ways that you could be a moron and pass it off as being intelligent? That Elmhurst nurse is a hack. A medical reform advocate interviewed her co-workers from the hospital after her “investigation” came out and found the best undercover expose to nonsense. But dont let that stop you guys from reaching for the bullshit.


    1. I guess all of the other nurses saying similar things and reporting on unnecessary ICU placements, and cooked up totals etc are just hacks too, in your twisted little world anyway – just keep your mask on and be quiet, there’s a good boy, and wait for your worthless, and likely harmful vaccine, in fact you GET that vaccine, be one of the first, be a REAL patriot and give your health for your country so you can continue to feed the big pharma monolith they call “Health care” which is really sick care.

  6. We all know there have been deaths from the CCP virus, even if the numbers are exaggerated. What most news outlets fail to acknowledge are the deaths from the lockdown(s). More bankruptcies, higher unemployment, and social isolation lead to more suicide, more drug abuse, more domestic violence, more crime, and more child abuse. School shutdowns multiply many of these, especially the child abuse. And the virus paranoia and medical lockdowns lead to increases in deaths from lack of treatment for other causes like cancer and heart attacks. Some of these can be statistically estimated with pretty good reliability. The virus shutdowns have caused a Lot more death than the virus itself. That means Pritzger AT BEST is incompetent to the point of killing people, and at worst actually knew these impacts and essentially committed murder-for-politics.

    1. Agreed, and let’s not forget the placing of covid patients into nursing homes by many of the leftist Governors bringing about more than there should have been deaths among the elderly who were kept caged up in their rooms in masks.

  7. You know I’ve been doing my research for quite some time and I’ve come to find out that if you just look into it you’ll find out that all they do is use the word COVID-19 in different ways to associate a death with it. A man can die with a gunshot wound and still be listed as death with COVID-19. An older person who has been in the hospital because their heart has failed them could die and then the hospital test to see if they had any signs of Covid and will list their death as with Covid. The biggest thing we need to look for is why other hospitals even testing someone who has passed away from another element. It’s sad that we have to think that we need to have all these numbers so high to scare the people. Upon reading more and more you’ll find out that about 20% of the people who have been listed as dying from Covid disease actually did die from that disease. The other 80% may have had it but they did not die from it. That’s why our death numbers are going to keep climbing and climbing.

  8. @Dr. Twerp,,,might as well head back to the library and re-apply for your old job to waste more of your time.

  9. Hitler’s Minister of Joseph Goebbels said that “if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes truth.” Which describes the demorat party to the T along with the lame stream media 24/7. Gees, do ya think we’ve seen that picture of the corona bug 1000X yet? Lie! Lie! Lie! So the demonrats worship this Hitler ideology. It’s so obvious, it hurts.

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