Bloomington Payments tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and payroll 7-13-2020

A total of $12,599,344.25 will be approved tonight.  Unlike Normal, payroll is actually listed.  $5,216,642.14 of that amount is employees.  $1,633,607.61 is Wire transfers listed at the end, not enough details is available to know what most of them are.  I don’t remember the last time somebody asked about a payment in Bloomington so we won’t know without a FOIA.

Other payments:

Evidently the BCPA is back in business – all free events

bcpa 7-13-20

Coliseum continues to cost money, Cannon used to work for VenuWorks, is she a contract manager now?

arena 7-13-20

lynn cannon

Girl Scout camp is now out of business.  The Council agreed to buy their buildings in June:

girl scouts building

The History Museum is supposedly Economic Development, will Julie Emig recuse herself now that she has been appointed the Director?

mchm 1

Pension contributions, we won’t know the actual funded percents for months yet.

fire pens 7-13-20pol pen7-13-20


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