Finally: A discussion on what government SHOULD be

By:  Diane Benjamin

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Ben Carson

I’ve been asking for this discussion for years, the next local election will FORCE it to happen.  Why does local government exist and what powers should it have and NOT have?  Obviously Bloomington screwed up big time when the Coliseum was built against the wishes of the citizens.

The current situation is much more dire however.

It is already on display with Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill, the only opinions that matter are those who agree with them.  Everyone else in their Wards have no representation from them on the Council.

Two candidates just like them have already announced they are running in next April’s election.  The latest is for Ward 5.  Patrick Lawler will force the discussion on the role of government because he is a social justice warrior.  Fixing roads was not mentioned in his announcement video, the police budget was.  Making people feel valuable was.  Solving day-to-day family issues was.  Feeding kids was.  Mental health was.  The welcoming ordinance was and preventing ICE from deporting those here illegally was.  Making drastic changes was.  Planned Parenthood and the YWCA was.

Get the idea?

Essential services are immaterial, redistributing your money is more important.  Lawler thinks government can create a better Bloomington.  The Council who built the Coliseum thought the same way.  They were wrong and so is Lawler.

Prosperity for all is created when individuals make their own life decisions.   When government steals more and more of their money it prevents people from making decisions about where their money should be spent.  Businesses suffer and employment suffers.  That leads to families struggling under not enough income and high taxes.

Government crushes prosperity, it doesn’t create it.

LIMITED government is the only viable path and the one that needs discussed.  LIMITED means only doing what people can’t do for themselves:  Police, Fire, Roads, Water, Sewer.

Of course the elected would have to believe your money isn’t theirs.  Progressives don’t.  They want to create utopia using your money.  Lawler must not realize Black Lives Matter lost a lot of credibility when their supporters looted businesses and were then bailed out of jail by them.  Same for the local Democrat Party who raised money too.  Either we are a nation of laws or a nation of chaos.

It gets worse, this guy is teaching your kids his version of socialism at NCHS.  Instead of defunding police, it’s the public schools that need defunded.  The kids he has wrapped around his fingers will be out campaigning for him.

Listen for yourself:




5 thoughts on “Finally: A discussion on what government SHOULD be

  1. The end game for all of this and all of these people is a Communist dictatorship.

    And the suppression free speech and all civil liberties,

    And the jailing and killing of their opponents.

    We need to fight this like our lives depend on it,

    Because it does!

  2. Mr. Lawler would do well to look inward at his own profession to truly discover where societal problems incubate. Of the people I knew, some of the poorest of students chose education as a profession. The reasons given usually included summers off, being able to hang around teenage girls, and not having to change a lifestyle they had grown accustomed to as a student. I would also like to hear from Pay how he legitimizes teachers at Unit Five being paid seventy, eighty, ninety and some over one thousand dollars a year when basic infrastructure in this community remains a mess and hundreds of people remain out of work but are still required to pay some of the highest property tax rates in the nation. Don’t know how long Pay has been employed at Unit Five but over $63,000 a year with summers off ain’t bad for most with another $1400 a year kicked in for retirement and another $6300 in “additional benefits.” In Pat’s world that is A-okay. Also, what do you teach your students in your social studies class. My two girls that attended NCHS were taught next to nothing about history or civics. I’m sure Pat has a library of history books by Howard Zinn he refers to often in his class instruction. You can tell just listening and watching his announcement video that he is spending way too much time around naive teenagers. His understanding of the world around him is that of a high schooler.

    1. They are his advisors! No life experience is a great place to get recommendations, especially when they haven’t been taught their suggestions have always led to murder and loss of freedom.

  3. “Prosperity for all is created when individuals make their own life decisions. When government steals more and more of their money it prevents people from making decisions about where their money should be spent.”

    A Libertarian couldn’t have said that any better.

  4. These candidates always fill out questionaires for wglt, League of Women Voters, the Unions, etc. Conservatives in their wards need to come up with their own questionaires for these candidates to fill out.

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