Bloomington tonight

By:  Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Regional Planning Commission  is getting paid by Bloomington:

mcrpc engage citizens

Look at where most of their funding comes from.  Who do you think they are really working for?

mcrp salaries

Does the below apply to Vision Zero?  Not when the contract says information is confidential!

mcrpc inclusive

End of an era for the Girl Scouts:

girl scouts

girl scounts 2

Below is why government unions shouldn’t exist.  Nobody in the negotiations is representing the people who will get the bill:

union raise 2union raise

Public Hearing Number 1:

citizens part

citizens part 2

Public Hearing Number 2

public hearing 2

I predict nobody from the public will comment on either.

Misc payments:

Are they finally financially stable?

green top

How many payments are there?

BCPA pay 3

This is at least the second time these payments have been made, for what?

VenuWorks ourch serv

Real sympathy is using your own money!

sympathy tyus

5 thoughts on “Bloomington tonight

  1. The taxpayers would be better off just taking the money and purchasing lottery tickets. At least there is a REMOTE chance that they could SOME day get their money back or see something positive from its use. With the fools we have in leadership here, YOUR hard earned tax dollars get flushed down the toilet 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When will it stop? When we vote for and appoint and hire leadership that is smart, fiscally conservative and ready to do what is necessary to move our area into the future.

    Who else is tired of paying for the Koos/Renner leftist utopia that is destroying our towns?

  2. No surprises here. More wheeling and dealing. “Engaged residents that are well informed and involved” = hand-picked individuals that are given insider info and will make decisions in lockstep with Tari and his ilk. Of course, how can something have an “open governance process” when it’s limited to a select group. Hmm. The MCRCP is just another government acronym for most residents. As long as Tari and his pals use vague, high-level lawyer-speak, no one is going to question it. In fact, I’m not sure the average resident knows what MCRCP is or does. How is Green Top still in business? They must be bleeding money. The BCPA continues to be a joke. They essentially take money from the working poor and give it to the upper-middle-class wannabe elites for their entertainment and “culture”.

    1. I am sure that the low-income people of this town love paying for the Upper Classes’ culture and lame a$$ entertainment…

      What happened to the food desert that was supposed to be fixed by the Green Top?

      And now the Grossinger Motors Arena is going to be run by the city? (what could go wrong?)

  3. YEAH?? How is that Green Top place STILL in business? I would think that IF they were NOT funded by the “boulderite impersonators” and the “beautiful people” who believe that having them run this city is all butterflies, hummingbirds and bumblebees, they’d a been GONE in the FIRST quarter..

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