Gift Cards, Green Top, and SLBB

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and payroll for Bloomington Monday night: I wonder who taxpayers will be handing gift cards to: Green Top’s taxpayer 3 month subsidy: Celebrate!  Four more employees spiked their already high unaffordable pensions so they get an even more unaffordable retirement at your expense:       Agenda: Likely without discussion […]

Green Top – Tax deductible donations!

By:  Diane Benjamin Green Top sent an email out last week with another request for money.  This time they want tax-deductible donations. The email starts with this notice implying donations will go toward reaching their $400,000 goal: The email then goes on to explain why donations are tax-deductible: Obviously the goal of donations is to […]


By:  Diane Benjamin The concussion will be keeping me from writing much for at least a few days. Here’s a couple of things I couldn’t pass up: As of October 26th, Green Top isn’t close to raising $400,000: Yes they have only raised $141,800 of the needed $400,000. _____________________________ The Pantagraph again let a lawyer […]

What’s wrong with Bloomington?

By:  Diane Benjamin Everybody knows the streets aren’t being fixed.  Bloomington can’t even find money in the budget (that has skyrocketed under Tari Renner) to invest in infrastructure. They will happily raise your taxes though to pay for a couple of roads.  Yesterday we learned there was a “disconnect” ordering tickets for the One […]

It about CONTROL!

By:  Diane Benjamin If my Internet hadn’t been down AGAIN for most of the day, I’d look up the video.  Maybe you remember Renner talking about downtown:  “We wouldn’t want a Jiffy Lube on the corner”. Did you elect a Mayor or god?  Who gave him a right to decide what goes where?  Maybe Jiffy […]