Bloomington Tonight – Committee of the Whole

By:  Diane Benjamin

Dimmitt’s Grove planning will be discussed  If you own property there, pay attention.  Government planning is inflexible and usually steals property rights.

This paragraph is included:

dimm green top Connect Transit must not have room on the empty buses to drop residents off  at any of the grocery stores to the east, northeast, or southeast.  Bikes must not be able to navigate the unused bike lanes either.  Before Green Top people used to just sit in the homes and die of hunger.  Sure.  Nobody in Dimmitt”s Grove owns a car?  Funny since on-street parking is in the plan.

Judy Buchanan is going to report on the progress of the Working Group!

The same working group that couldn’t meet Saturday because they didn’t have a quorum.

disb bus

Wouldn’t you rather hear from the citizens in the Working Group instead of a Board member?

Finally, Jim Karch will update us about all the infrastructure work done during 2019.

peop contrib


3 thoughts on “Bloomington Tonight – Committee of the Whole

  1. See the Carolina Carpetbagger Robustelli has his hands in the Dimmit’s Grove neighborhood planning brought to by another community outsider that now conveniently works for the Town of Normal directing a department that she has no experience to direct.

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