Update: Normal tonight

The ornaments are for sale:


By:  Dine Benjamin


Since the video had “technical difficulties” just during public comment at the last meeting, the minutes for approval tonight have a TINY bit of info on each person who spoke – emphasis on TINY:

public comment minutes

All of the speakers with the exception of Dave Shields were against yet another property tax increase.  “Concerns” must mean against.

The minutes are also included for the two day meeting with Lyle Sumek.  Of course they don’t reflect the real contention that occurred.

A few payments:

admin spending

Is the 1st floor of 1 Uptown circle STILL empty?  Is that why the rent is ridiculous?

uotown cir rent

Has anybody seen these?  Please report!

thea ordent

Is this where the Town’s “jewels” are kept?

safe deposit ox

Maybe recruiting is difficult because they polygraph applicants?  Or is something going on we don’t know about?


Um . . . . .


TIF consult 4287

Media is reporting Cardinal Infrastructure got the new Grant for the underpass, what are these guys doing?

This brings the total spent trying to get a Tiger Grant since May of 2018 to $384,463.81, not counting payments I probably missed.

Tonight the Town will contract with Cardinal again, up to $51,000 a year.  PDF page 41 and following.


tiger grant 2019

PDF page 45 proves America has abandoned all sense of common sense, fiscal responsibility, and self determination.  Towns that can’t or don’t hire their own personal lobbyist probably won’t get the bucks.

See the Cardinal  section here:  Pay to Play in DC

Cannabis is back:

No on-site use.  I wonder if the social justice warriors will demand it like they did in Bloomington?

Normal will approve all aspects including production, a special permit will be required.

A 3% tax will be imposed.








7 thoughts on “Update: Normal tonight

  1. It looks as though this Charleston Mint purchase is for fancy gifts for city employees? See their website here: https://thecharlestonmint.com/our-catalog/

    “Brass Ornaments
    The Charleston Mint can create any ornament you wish from a picture, idea or design. With over 38 years in the Commemorative Products Market we have developed seamless, ordering, proofing and delivery systems. We stand 100% behind our products and our pricing is the best around.”

    What is another $10,000 when it is not your money?

  2. $2720 for Face-painting and Balloons? Yes they hired a professional face-painter the Zoo Lady and her Zoo Crew: http://facepaintingzoolady.com/

    Yes, some Normal taxpayer sent money ($2720) to the Town after which they spent it on professional Face-painting and balloons. It would be hard to make this kind of stuff up.

  3. I can confirm that they do polygraph, and send each new hire to a shrink over in chambana. Standard at pretty much every police agency across the nation. But that much money for ornaments? You have got to be kidding…

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