How politics works – Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin See Part 1 here: h/t a reader Excerpt from April 19, 2021 Normal meeting packet: From the list of Chris Koos campaign contributions: If his address didn’t tip you off: Figure out who he works for? His real name is  Bennette Ressinke, the spelling seems to change depending […]

Update: Normal tonight

The ornaments are for sale: By:  Dine Benjamin Since the video had “technical difficulties” just during public comment at the last meeting, the minutes for approval tonight have a TINY bit of info on each person who spoke – emphasis on TINY: All of the speakers with the exception of Dave Shields were against […]

Normal is following the PLAN

By:  Diane Benjamin Town of Normal for tonight: Just to prove what I wrote in this story: Completing the Circle is in the plan, therefore it must be done: Bills for approval: These don’t need an explanation, note the Sports Complex is still alive.  How did they ever do FOIA requests before spending […]