How politics works – Part 2

By: Diane Benjamin

See Part 1 here:

h/t a reader

Excerpt from April 19, 2021 Normal meeting packet:

From the list of Chris Koos campaign contributions:

If his address didn’t tip you off:

Figure out who he works for?

His real name is  Bennette Ressinke, the spelling seems to change depending on who writes it and where.

Cardinal Infrastructure also lobbies for Connect Transit.

Chris Koos got another contribution from Washington DC:

The address is a condo, so far I haven’t been able to track the connection. Readers?

4 thoughts on “How politics works – Part 2

  1. I expect they were also pulling strings to get the Amtrak board paycheck for Koos. It is all starting to add up why he was so willing to give up the mayor’s pay increase he fought to get passed only 2 years prior..

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  2. Stinks to high heaven. But I’m not surprised. They had to make sure kooskoos remained mayor and the accomplices remained to help, including the deep state aka “professional” staff.

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