Chicago justice? Bond paid here for BLM supporters

By:  Diane Benjamin

This confirms Black Lives Matter protesters were the ones looting and creating mayhem locally.  Nobody was in jail for “protesting”. 

From Facebook:

bond fund

In the last few days this group in coordination with local Black Lives Matter bailed out 13 defendants.  Total bond was $87,705.

10 bonded out are facing charges of looting, mob action, burglary, and some for aggravated battery to a police officer.

Also bonded out were defendants held on drug possession and distribution, and criminal damage to government property.

Some were charged with violation of orders of protection.  Feel safer now?  I bet the people who requested that order don’t. 

I haven’t seen any reporting by the local BLM or Democrat party on this bailout.  Are they trying to hide Chicago injecting itself here?  They don’t want you to know suspects are back on the streets?

Where did Chicago Community Bond Fund get the money?  Rumor is George Soros, a Jew who conspired with Hitler to round up Jews.  The local BLM group should ask and let us know.





6 thoughts on “Chicago justice? Bond paid here for BLM supporters

  1. BLM is the black version of the KKK. Don’t take my word for it just review national and local BLM chapter websites. The Pantagraph has also stepped up to do their part today by including two national wire stories absolving George Soros of any responsibility in the radical BLM street movements and promoting increased mail in balloting in the upcoming November election.

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  2. George Soros is admittedly a traitor to his own people. It’s also a known fact George Soros makes big money by contributing to destabilizing countries, such as what he is now doing to the USA (with others.) If the lying pantagraph says he ain’t guilty, then you know he is. I feel for those poor saps at the pantagraph, always portraying such fools. Me? There is a lot of crappy jobs out there I would take rather than being paid to be a liar.


  3. To ALL you dumbasses with BLM! Look at how much $87 K would have done in your OWN COMMUNITY!! Feeding the poor, painting walls that could use it. Revamping schools , churches and your OWN neighborhoods! Instead, you use it to bail out a bunch of “foul heathen Philistines” that could give a hoot about YOUR own community!
    Spend your money WISELY, so you WON’T have to rely o the government to bail out your fellow criminals!!
    “Birds of a feather”!
    Trump isn’t the problem. What is in YOUR MIRROR is what the problem is..

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  4. Wow! Imagine what $87k+ could fund in the way of scholarships for black youths or black-owned businesses in BloNo. Not to mention how much unity and goodwill could be built across the board. Oh, and by the way Chicago Community Bond Fund, “protesters” don’t get arrested and locked up, alledged criminals do. Protesting is protected by the 1st amendment.

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  5. 87,000 could have helped all those people Jenn complained about that need help with rent, utilities and food. What a bunch of double talk losers. Remind the good folks at election time that this money went to bail out alleged criminals instead of people thrown on the street. Follow the money people.

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